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Cautious strike and old abilities


Why no changing this strike that makes 4 abilities at the same time ? When you compare it to diloracheirus who is an unique, this is non sense.
If not, rework the old uniques because they are useless now in front of all these powers.

Doesn‘t it have more than 4 abilities?

Strike through evasive (precise)
Base Attack
Speed Up
Self cleanse

Yeah I totally agree it‘s just too powerful and should lose Speed Up and maybe Distracting too so that Mutual Fury actually makes sense.

Dodge and distract Is what cautious strike should be. None of the speed up, or cleanse, or hitting through dodge


My thoughts concerning the moveset for Indoraptor Gen 2, for the record she’s my pride and joy and I’d be using her even if she wasn’t potentially the current best dino in the game, however I do agree that the moveset is stupid.

Cautious Strike should be a Dodge and Distraction move.

However, if they don’t put Cleanse in Cautious Strike it should have a cleansing Impact for its second move.

She doesn’t really need a speed up move because she is already wicked fast, which is why Mutual Fury is pointless move for her. It is almost never appropriate to use. Maybe against dinos with boosted speed, but I’m in Aviary and don’t see much of that.

The DSR should be put back to a Definite Rampage, pretty sure Indom Gen 2 has that. (It has Mutual Fury too, but it makes sense and works with Indom, but not with Indo).

In summary,
Nerf Cautious Strike to on Dodge and Distract
Replace Mutual Fury with Cleansing Impact or Strike
Replace DSR with Definite Rampage
Evasive Stance can stay the same

mutual fury is rather useful and i use it quite often especially against Maxima, and other counter attakers.

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Indom G2 doesn’t have Definite Rampage, it has Definite Strike.
Definite Rampage on a creature that is Immune to Distraction, has 1400 base damage and 20% crit chance is just too much unavoidable damage it seems, to be justified. Hence the change on Maxima too to DSR. Anyway, they added precision to Cautious Strike, which I think is fair (or at least it would be, if you took away the cleanse and speedup). So I think the precision on CS can stay.

Speedup on Indo G2 is extremely useful against other speedsters, I don’t see how you could feel otherwise unless you’ve boosted yours’ speed to high heaven. It’s great against Indoraptor G1, Magna, Erlidominus, Erlikospyx, Diloracheirus, Procerathomimus, Phorusaura, Quetzorion and other speed-boosted dinos. Basically everything with 128 speed or higher.

Mutual Fury is a really good move to use when your Indo is Decelerated, especially if you’ve already set up with Evasive Stance. It also works against faster opponents that can’t speed themselves up like Procerathomimus. But since Cautious Strike cleanses and boosts speed anyway, people don’t use it a lot.

That’s another good reason why Cautious Strike should lose the cleanse and speedup. It’d make Indo G2 more fun to use, and encourage riskier strategies. Nerfs aren’t always a bad thing.

Dodge distract combo is what makes it OP. You basically have a debilitating distraction available on every turn. Should be distract, cleanse, and precise.

Dodge+Distract is what makes it Defensive. That’s the whole point of the move.

And no, that’s not what makes it OP. The speedup that lasts for 3 turns means you can’t revenge-kill it with other speedsters, and the cleanse means you can’t take it out with DoT (except in Spinoconstrictor’s case), Deceleration or even keep it Vulnerable.

If other creatures could go first, the dodge+distraction wouldn’t even be an issue. If it would just stay decelerated, same. Without the speedup and cleanse, dodge+distract is good, but not OP.

wish a competent company would take over the rights of jurassic park/world games

That is how it’s going to be from now on - one easily accessible OP dino to stuff your boosts in. Then comes the next - anad the cash grab p2w game continues. As long as players are paying there will be no change


Having a DD for every turn, with half of it not being effected by immunity, is not balanced in any way shape or form. IndoG2 could keep literally everything else and only lose dodge or distract, preferably dodge, and I will instantly stop complaining about it.

It wouldn’t have DD for every turn if you were faster. That’s something that doesn’t happen often since it speeds itself up by 10% practically every turn.

DD also wouldn’t matter if you were bleeding it to death with a slow creature like Suchotator. Mutual Fury against a slower opponent is suicidal, especially if it has a slowing move.

SIAs like SI-slow and SI-wound, moves like Bellow, all of these are practically nullified by Cautious Strike’s speedup and cleanse. You can’t get around that as easily as you can get around DD.