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Cautious strike and priority moves - be careful

Just a note cause I think not everybody knows it:

If you use Priority Move (instant invincibility, instant charge, speedup, …) against Indo gen2 which uses Cautious Strike then in second turn if he uses Cautious Strike then your damage is reduced to 0 (double distraction). He need to move first of course.

So, for example:

  • when Thor uses Instant Charge then second attact deals 0
  • when Tryko uses Instant Shield then next turn no damage

Priority moves can be harmful when used at the wrong time. :sweat_smile:


Lots of people switch to Tryko when Indoraptor II appears, I see this often. Or when switched in, some users use Instant Invincibility, then use DSR the next turn only for it to deal 0 damage.

Love doing it on those ultra-boosted Thors, not gonna lie there.


that’s why it’s best to try and slow indo or just go for raw damage. the stackable distract can cause problems if you aren’t prepared.


Yes this is an annoying trait of Indo2, if you switch something in, its attack will become 0.


I think Monostegotops users will be very familiar with this effect. Especially against Tryko.


Tryko can deal 0 damage to any Double Distracters.
Allorap, Proce,Pyro, Mono etc.

Well explained - took me a while to work out what was happening when this occurred

Yes, unless you use power up ability such as ferocious strike. This trick helped me turn over the game against some mammo-rhinos in that legendary tournament.