Cautious strike is a caution

This thing a bit OP , I mean distract , dodge , speed up and Cleanse! I want to see what you thing we should nerf it on[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

  • Nerf Distract
  • Nerf evasive
  • Nerf Speed Up
  • Remove Cleanse
  • Remove more than 1
  • Seems Fine to me
  • Other

Was this supposed to be a poll? :thinking:

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Yes but I think the poll glitched

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hurray for confusion! lol jk

  • Remove Distract
  • Remove Cleanese
  • Remove Evasive
  • Remove Speed Up
  • Remove 1 or more
  • Other

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The poll worked but tap the button above the word

Just remove the bypass ability (and maybe distraction too)

Wish it was multiple choice but the polls are tricky to set up lol. I think Speed Increase and Dodge could both go, that leaves Distraction, Cleanse, and Precise Damage.

Why? We all know the combination of Distract + Dodge was too much, and being that It and everything else already has some sort of Dodge it was the first choice to ditch, plus who needs more RNG? Speed up was removed because the combination is just too much. If you really need the extra speed there’s always Mutual Fury.

I believe the Cleanse + Distract + Precise is the best combo, it still has the cautious and adds a little more stategy.

voted other. I don’t know what would be best to balance it, but i do know something needs changed.

Distract and dodge together is what makes It cautious. It isn’t too much. Any harsh changes will make indo gen2 worse than necessary. Even now not everyone on the top leaderboard is using It. Taking away either distract or dodge will be too much. Indo gen2 doesn’t need too much of a nerf to reach balance. It isn’t severely overperered anymore. I think taking away speed up and cleanse is a much better option, and forces the player to use mutual fury If they want those effects. It would make for more strategic play this way. We gotta be cautious (Sorry lol) when asking for nerfs that could end up taking a creature out of relevancy.

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Speed up and cleanse is my choice. Should i go with other then?

I think the remove 1 or more option will work. That’s what I chose because I think it should lose Speedup and Cleanse.

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Just put 1 or more