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Cautious strike needs to do more

I mean, I know it already…
-increases speed

Maybe it should pin, stun, and do DoT too.

What a stupid move. Just fought someone with a boosted G2 and all they did was cautious strike. One, after another, after another, after another, after another. Same move. Never rampage, never instant dodge. Cautious strike.

I still won.


Why not give it 100% dodge like Sidestep now is? :rofl:

Please don’t do that

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Swap in Cautious rampage :money_mouth_face:

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Make the strike a definite strike, bypassing cloaks, armor, and shields.

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add 50% rengen too


The cherry on top! Lol

Why not throw a shield in there as well? Obv it needs more protection. Especially since distract doesn’t do anything against those pesky immune dinos.


Seriously though, I would have sworn my opponent has disconnected except for the fact that the move happened immediately after I selected mine. I think it’s just a poor design.

Agreed. A move shouldn’t be able to do 5 different things. It has other moves for that. I saw someone somewhere call it the $5 Fill Up Box Move :rofl:


dodges 66% damage 75% of the time every turn and is armor and DS move’s the best armor in the game forget the turtle

It’s like a move designed by a child… “I WANT IT TO DO THAT! AND THAT! THAT TOO!!”



At least its not on draco or… Procera… >.>

And yet it is very effective and does the trick. It sets up the opponent. The opponent attacks and it gets dodged all the while the opponent gets distracted so its attack is reduced. Do it twice to chip away at the health and then finish it with rampage.

How about unboosted Orion? I’ve killed multiple ig2 with it.

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