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Cautious Strike really looks like nerf material

A Legendary creature with stats equal to, or in some cases even better than that of a Unique (which is…okay on its own, I mean, Indoraptor G1 isn’t Stigydaryx :joy:) gets an ability with Cleanse, Dodge, a Speed buff and a damage debuff.

It really sounds ridiculous once you put it that way, doesn’t it?

Not to mention, the name Cautious Strike does make it sound like it has (or maybe…will have?) drawbacks to compensate for its overpowered set of effects. Maybe, in the future, it might only do 0.5x damage (since the creature is being Cautious). Or maybe the speed buff will turn into a speed DEbuff, since the creature needs to be careful/Cautious (which would also make using Mutual Fury harder).

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Right? The only one that need be cautious about cautious strike is your opponent!

I agree. That’s why I have my doubts about going for Indo2… I made it, but gonna leave it at that… Although if it get nerfed eventually, I believe it will take a long time for that.

If you nerf the creatures’ stats then a nerf to the move may not be necessary. Though I don’t find the dodge aspect really necessary. Now the speed up, cleanse and distraction are what make Indo meta relevant. Take one of those things out of the move and Indo gen2 drops out of the meta. For it’s kit to work with only 2 attacking moves the basic one needs to be good. And I really like the idea of some creatures having a special signature move. It can work as long as there are a reasonable number of counters to it.

Iff indo g2 gets money for Ludiots he will become nerf immun just like the RAT and proceRAToMEME

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Don’t forget that Indo2 has harder to get ingredients then Indo1. So although Indo2 is only a legendary, I can live with the fact that its equal or maybe even better then the unique Indo.


Me too, i think with this incredients indo g2 is fine how he is. You will Need 1000 indo g2 dna to get him lvl 26. thats almost impossible


I think people need to remember that Blue DNA is event only, so it’s not like DC where we’ll have them running about at level 30 anytime soon.

Mine is level 21, and loses just as much as my other dinos do, despite being around their level.


I think with how rare Blue and Echo are in regards to materials across parents, I wouldn’t nerf the move too hard. I’d make it 0.5x damage, remove the cleanse and make the dodge chance 100% like Sidestep to compensate. Keep the speed boost and distraction as is. Removing the cleanse puts it on a level similar to OG Indo with only one way to cleanse. Plus you trade between more total damage and cleanse with MF and DR, or a little less damage but more safety behind CS and DT.

Or! Remove the cleanse and speed boost, make it 0.5x damage, 75% dodge, 50% shield, 50% distraction. Emphasis on cautious. It’s not quite a Strike, but more than most at the same time. It makes Evasive Stance a viable option if the enemy is immune and has DS moves, but is prone to evasion. EDIT: 1x Damage

Making It 0.5x damage is a bit much imo. I think I’d just take away the cleanse and keep everything else as is. That way It can be affected by bleed but still keep what makes It strong.

Hmm, You made an earlier point that it only has 2 attacks. 1x damage with my second option might not be too bad. I don’t like it having that cleanse and speed boost though. That should be a luxury reserved for Mutual Fury.

No Cautious Strike is great the way it is. It does not need a nerf. Learn to counter Indo Gen 2. Like everything else it is a learning experience. You keep fighting and fighting until you find the weakness of your enemy and then you exploit it. I swear people want the easy way out with minimal effort.


Yeah i did, and i changed my mind about what should stay in the move compared to my earlier reply haha. I find the speed up a necessary part of the move, without It indo gen2 is not nearly as good. Losing the cleanse allows bleeders to counter It and i think that’s good enough. I don’t really want this move to change more than that If the devs decide to nerf It.

I don’t like nerfs either, but in this case i feel like it’s gonna be inevitable. So I’m trying to do damage control lol. I don’t want anything else getting the monomimus treatment, i want these hybrids to become somewhat stable so we can safely invest on them. Right now i didn’t put a single boost on indo gen2 in fear it’s gonna get a nerf, i can almost taste it. As much as i like indo gen2, i can’t deny that It is very strong. Strenght on this level in it’s introduction is suspicious, i don’t trust it’s gonna stay the way It is.

Yeah with the amount of complaints about it and Ludia having the compellance to cater to the whiners instead of fixing other infuriating issues with the game, I would not be surprised. Other than that, mine is straight naked 17 and is able to take out teams.

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Make Cautious Strike a Priority move with no damage and change Evasive Stance to Evasive Strike.

Yes it’s a legendary but also a superhybrid. Again the argument that a low rarity creature must be weaker from a higher one is id**tic. Every dino has his usage.


To me Cautious strike is too much … 4x things done in one move? They really need to cut-down the things it can do in the without cooldown move OR as I said earlier: Give cautious strike move to some other Uniques/Legends too.

What’s your problem, exactly? Is it that move only belongs to Indo G² now or it does 4x things in one move.

Yes, spread some love and give move to few other dinos OR make it do 2x things max.

As that move is OP and moves OP should not be based on just plain logic of how hard is to make them … Then there are many Dinos with rare DNA and they only have simple moves (Erlikospyx, Magna, Smilonemys who really lacks attack etc).

Edit 2: BTW I have level 26 Indo g2 alongwith level 30 indo g1 in my team now. Though both unboosted.

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