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Cautious Strike really looks like nerf material

This is the IndoG2 information from the 1.9 Release notes:

So, there you go. Legendaries CAN be better then Uniques and from design perspective IndoG2 is supposed to be better then IndoG1.

Here you go. Cautious strike is supposed to be extremely powerful AND annoying.

The same release notes also give some clear examples of HOW to counter it. I suggest everyone having trouble with IndoG2 to read the notes again.


I read them earlier and read them again. Talking about counter Indo g2.

But really there are only literally few dinos (actually useable in current meta) which can do that; but still they easily can be defeated by him in 2 turns. To me even designers are just mentioning its weakness without even considering how many dinos can cover that weakness especially when definite rampage is also a Indo g2 move.

To me this is really crap if you say only one dino or even two to counter another dino out of lots of dinos. This is not a game of elements where one element is counter to other; then I can say every element have exactly one good counter.

Actually, no. It’s Attack kit so powerful that If it can survive two hits of any other Dino in the game, it can take out current opponent and take a huge chunk of the next on coming. And since Dodge and Evasive have a bigger chance of happening that is much guaranteed thing to happen.

Either make Cautious Strike a Priority move with no damage and change Evasive Stance to Evasive Strike or change Defenite Rampage to Armour Piercing Rampage. That way it can be countered.

Giving the same move to other Dinos will not help.

Slow it down and swap a big ‘ol Rat into it. Problem solved. That is what folks do to my Indo 2. Seems to work very well for them too.

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Well, that too, I guess for some players.

That would make it way too weak, just hammering. I don’t really want It changing that much from the release, It could be countered with a way less harsh nerf. I say again, removing cleanse from cautious strike is enough of a nerf to give It counters and allow it to remain relevant.

I don’t think it will work as you think. It has the biggest setup of any Dino in the game along with Indom G², Mutual Fury. Increased speed, Double Damage and Cleanse. DoT can deal some damage but after using that move it will gain the upper hand. Then the only way is what @Wwwoodchuck said, Swap in Dracotops.

Perhaps, but i think we should avoid harsh nerfs, and i say that for any creature.

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If a creature is way op from the start, a harsh nerf is necessary.
Look at the rat, still running around wiping dinos out with no counter.
I think Indoraptor gen 2 is a candidate for a nerf with this ridiculous move, but I doubt it will happen.
Because the rat is it’s only reasonable counter.

No, a harsh nerf will take it out of relevancy, a slight nerf will make it just right to remain top tier but not OP. And i don’t think the rat is a good example of OP. It’s annoying for a lot of people for the surprise effect, but that’s all It is, annoying. I don’t like It much either but i don’t consider It nowhere near as strong as many other dinos.

When you’ve just created a Magna, Erlidom, Erliko, or many legendary dinos, and a rat simply wipes it out in one unannounced shot before you get to use it, it’s a sinking feeling.
And you tend not to think the rat is just a nuisance.


Yeah, i experienced this feeling when using my glass cannons, it’s annoying. But my opinion remains the same, the rat is not OP, even If It annoys me. My definition of OP is when a dino has no counters. Now you may say the rat has no counters but i think It is way easier to deal with than many other dinos.
So, should swap in rampage be removed? This is subjective. Liking the rat or not, It being balanced or not is subjective, cause it’s not like It can’t be more easily defeated than other dinos. I don’t like It, but i don’t care much If It stays as It is. Other players like it, others hate it. But it doesn’t say anything about It being OP, just that people get annoyed by It. If no dino could defeat it then i would say It is OP. It doesn’t matter what ludia decides to do with it, people will get mad.

I reiterate Indo Gen 2 does not need a nerfing. It is fine the way it is. Learn some counters to it. I am pretty sure there are some. However, people want to take the easy way out by kicking and screaming for a nerf. If Indo Gen 2 gets nerfed, then I hope Dracocera gets buffed back to the Tyrant tier with swap in shattering rampage making a return. Hell let’s throw in some immunity for the Rat. Now enjoy the game, forget nerfing for stupid reasons, and learn counters.

Just nerf it already… Its comming sooner or later… Better nerf it early before everyone start investing on it

It’s the answer to overboosted Thors. Nerve them before he’s nerved…

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How will you exactly Nerf “Over-boosted Thor”, Nerf Boosts or Thor itself?


To me no creature needs to be nerved except DC. IMO the heal shouldn’t be a priority move. Anything else can be countered :wink:


That’s alot of fancy words :scream:

There are a a few dinos in the game that have less counters than the rest, but still have them. That being gemini, maxima and indo gen2. But with time i think we’ll see more strong dinos being added to the game that will serve as those counters. Gemini is the dino with the higher number of winning matchups on the game, but Ludia intended for It to be so because of it’s rarity, and i don’t really mind It, i think It makes It worth the effort. And it can be countered by Tryko. I think I’d rather have those dinos stay as they are and get more strong dinos to counter them instead of nerfs.