Cautious strike still too much

Losing Cleanse means IndoR G2 has to decide between staying to killl the bleeder thus losing 2/3 life, mutual furying thus letting the bleeder’s move kill it or swapping out thus causing a 2nd dino to be hurt.

Unless your IndoR G2 has enough health to eat a LW and enough damage to 2 CS the bleeder so that it can DSR a 2nd dino, the Cleanse nerf is pretty damaging.

Tenotorex can kill IndoR G2 with SS x 2 then DSR or SS then DSR then SS again.


Tenontorex can kill indo gen2 IF he manages to hit through evasive stance which does not happen very often. According to simulator Tenontorex’s winrate is 52 %. As a Tenontorex user(lv 29) rate is lower in reality.

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Those odds what Ludia wants you to think…

So, I have thus far… Ardonto, Gemini & Maxima… two of which are ‘High Tyrants’ which basically have very few counters themselves. Of course, these three are easy setup bait so them being great 1v1 isn’t as big of an issue.

… Faster Indog2 (facepalm)
… Tragodistis (sorry how is this a counter? what is the magic move order, or does he always avoid dodge)
… Stegodeus (again… can’t get through evasive?)

Tenonto… so…
Unless Mutual Fury OR Evasive Stance?

Suchotator I’ll admit is sort of a counter…

This isn’t plenty. There are plenty of Dinos that ‘sometimes’ eke out a win vs Indoraptor G2. That isn’t a counter. A counter has a 90%+ win rate.


Depends on how you predict the moves. If you are lucky, you can play the opponent.

Cautious Strike, Evasive Stance means 2 turns of getting SS. Tenoto can still tank a DSR. So SS again. IndoR will be in DSR range. Mutual Fury needs a crit to kill Tenonto.

IndoR G2 is beatable if you are willing to set up the next dino.

You.prob need Decel Impact or Thagomizer.

Evasive , CS , MF, DSR. Tenontorex cannot tank CS and DSR(empowered with MF). Tenontorex must land 2 out of 3 shots in order to kill IG 2

With Gem replacing Thor, I was going to replace Indo G2 with Orion.
That ended up blowing up in my face and I have a L30 Orion perma benched.
I have absolutely nothing close to team level to replace it with, so…
I’m kinda stuck with it.
When I draw it I hope my opponent relies heavily on Magna.
But they usually don’t.


Yeah it forces a “draw” now which is better than straight up winning. Thing is, who uses bleeders in this meta? I understand at lower levels where sucho and his hybrid are still relevant maybe? I can only speak for myself but at mid library, I never see any bleeders save for spyx or the very occasional throw-away 30 tator.

For tenontorex well yeah, he could always put up a fight and that doesnt really change now. The main problem is that indor2 doesnt have a lot of “true” counter (aside from gemini), he either has “dinos that can put up a fight” or “dinos that get straight up slaughtered”. To be honest, I dont really think a dino thats left in 1 shot range of whatever comes after indor2 is considered a “counter” but thats just me.

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Difference is, that almost nobody has first, most don’t use second, while Gemini is still rare and hard to lvl. Indo g2 is everywhere though.

Still, Indo g2 has counters. In past there were dinos that had only one real counter (itself). Dodge before dodged 100% of damage. :grin:

My Spyx does. Fooled the IndoG2 into having no choice but to use CS, then it bled to death. Wasn’t a 1 on 1 fight though, it had previously fought something else.

Ardentistmaxima is probably your best bet. Its quite easy to make relative to IndoR G2. Packs a hell of a punch and pretty much wins most match ups even Geminititan.

The problem with IndoR G2 is the same as Thora, it tends to be more boosted than the rest of the team.

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However Indo2 does take less DNA to evolve or make so you have people that were lucky to get enough blue DNA running around and winning because of their overpowered money spender

Does it, though? Indoraptor 2 needs 11,500 DNA to max level. Indoraptor needs 3,000. All you need is a few lucky fuses (very easy now with multi-fuse) and your unique is quicker to level.

My uniques are leveling up faster than my legendaries.

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Tragod pfft ya no while it can do technically more damage now even if it hit thru with SV + rampage it wouldn’t be enough to kill it only doing in total 3,400

Stego while indo can’t cleanse as often as before MF is now way more useful but even if it doesn’t use that dodge still will be the deciding factor

Ardent isn’t a reliable counter same as ardont it need to play mind games and use a specific move set to win
(Strike then Impact then rampage)

Yoshi is also mid game predictions on ES and predictions for MF and DSR

Nemys now has a greater chance with no cleanse but again it got nerfed so it can now only do 3,300 damage with that (precise pounce+ Rampage and run combo)
If it goes for slow it has to be careful of that MF+ Rampage retaliation.

Gemini ya that is sure win not much if now anything can stand up to her

Ya Indos can also counter indos

Keratoporcus seem like a good counter

Fair point. I was talking about the getting indo2 for the first time

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I agree with you. I also get that it called “Cautious" strike for a reason, it’s supposed to be a sneaky, defensive move so it comes with heavy protection. I just feel like maybe it should have a lower % Distraction (25% Distraction), or shield instead of Dodge, or lower Dodge chance.

It’s definitely better, that’s for sure. I still think it needs something else changed though.

now anything can bleed indo2… it has become underdog

I’m glad to see at least some people have done the math in their heads (or on paper). There are some matchups where you can ‘pull a win’, but they are hardly reliable and usually come down to a 50/50. If a matchup has a 50/50, then it isn’t a counter.

Remove speed-up… and then I wouldn’t really complain. You could swap in something fast 129+ and then setup on it. No problem. TBH, the only real counter (other than High Tyrant sauropods) is Dracoceratops… because… obvious reasons. Of course, that leaves you open…

Agreed on everything except on Ardont and Ardentis, they are very reliable. No indo gen2 has ever beaten my Maxima after she got definite strike. It’s been 100% counter for me. Of course, i use the move sequence you said.

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