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Cautious strike underperforming

Hello i write here to ask of you for little bit more love for our newest move. Maybe give him some definite effect, or ferocious effect or shield and decelareting, or all od them seriously… Just kidding, why you merged all standard moves into 1 ultra op move and give it as no cooldown. Evasive strike, cleansing strike, minimal speed up strike, distraction, why did you even think it should be in the game.


I have yet to understand from where IndoG2 inherits the minimal speed up strike. None of its components has it. Other than that you can explain the dodge as inherited from Indominus’ cloak kind of, cleansing from Echo, and the distraction from Blue.

To call it “cautious” is a lie… just like the cake.


I’m starting the “give Monostego cautious strike” campaign. Who’s with me! The nerf hammer hit Monostegy too hard but CS would make up for it


Yessssss, give Mono two speed up moves! “Who wants a tank faster than a velociraptor?” :grin:

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It’s an OP (aka waste-your-money-on-this-dino-before-nerf) move.