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Cautious strike

Think it shouldn’t increase speed


Cautious strike is perfect and balanced in the context of the creature rebalancing.

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Think mutual fury should be the only increase speed


Cautious strike in meant to be one of the marquee basic moves in the game! It really gives Indo G2 that boost without being too OP.

Your definition of op and my definition of op seems to differ.

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It’s powerful, no doubt. But not quite OP in the context of the largely immune meta. Nullifiers and slowing creatures can give it a fit. At most the hit through evasive should be retracted, but even that is not necessary given it now lacks a definite attack.

When one move does like 6 things … it makes you scratch your head a little.

Why Are they really trying to milk one button for all it’s worth?
Is this lazy planning?
How long until someone realizes that this is just another in a long list of poorly implemented ideas?

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I mean ive joked about I win buttons in other games but cautious strike is pretty close to being one right now… maybe with just a few more boosts.


I just think It does too much for a basic move. MF cleanses, speeds up, and adds attack. Because of this CS doesnt need the speed up and cleanse. I’m fine with it keeping everything else.


CS is powerful, but indo G2 is reliant on it. MF is powerful as well, but that move to can only be used in very specific situations. For the most part you have to use CS when running indo as it enhances the survivability of the creature. And of course when facing an immune creature CS is much less effective ( which are plentiful in the current meta).

I agree and then some. Remove the cleanse and speedup. “Cautious” implies the desire to avoid potential dangers or problems. Mutual Fury seeks to do the exact opposite; shake off negative status, get the speed momentum and throw everything you have at the enemy or suffer the consequences. Give it a 1 turn 50% shield instead on top of the Evasion and Distraction, fitting the theme. If not that, dare I say remove the Cleanse and Speedup, make the Doge 100% and then replace Evasive Stance with Long Protection to bring out the Blue DNA?

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