CC and dominion thread

Here we can talk about both of them


Made giga


I feel with it’s damage it shouldn’t have ferocity or on escape rampage

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The person who made that is sleeping so he might nerf it tomorrrow

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Also is anyone excited for CC season 5 and Dominion


Count me in

I will
10 chars

Also here’s my own Giga

I hope this time sarcosuchus makes an appearance in camp cretaceous. It’s the last chance for a giant crocodile to appear in the saga

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Same also i hope dimetrodon appears too since i want a sphenacodont in CC


I don’t think dimetrodon appears in cc. There are some new creatures from the toy line that could make an appearance. Cryolophosaurus, tanystropheus, albertosaurus, proceratosaurus, coelurus and jwe2 also has Styracosaurus listed as being featured in cc so perhaps he also appears

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I’ll nerf the attack and remove the on escape

Could be a decent flock counter


I wonder, will Gen 2 variants of Pyroraptor and Quetzalcoatlus be added to JWA to match their JWD counterparts?

I guess so

In my country In june 9 dominion will release

It will release in June8 for me

Also do you think Einiosaurus will appear in Season 5?

No, where did that come from?