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CCG experience

After all nerfing, baffing and Your Version of : topics, I start being curious about CCG (Collectible Card Game) experience of the JW:A players. How many of us played or is still playing this type of games and what are they look like?

I have played Eternal, TES:L and still playing MtG from time to time. It’s seems to me that this kind of experience is needed when talk comes about balancing the creatures =)

I would like a JWA (or JW in general) TCG. It’ll give me something to collect other than pokemon cards.

For the last time.
Sea gull!

you really want the seagull back huh?

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Yes, or else I’ll use it myself!

I used tom play Magic the Gathering heavily during the 90’s and on/off ever since, although I refuse to buy anymore cards. I also used to play Pokemon, Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (I was even a Prince -“tournament organiser”), and Call of Cthulhu in both CCG and LCG formats (during the CCG days I was an official tournament organiser for that game as well).

Alright alright I’ll bring the seagull back later

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I do miss the seagull. :bird:

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It was somwhere touching =D
But back to the topic guys.