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Cellularceratops recruiting

Need active players, lvl 10 and above, no one expects an addict just hold your own with dailies and contribute dna when you can.

Glad you cut alot of those non players out…let’s premote the clan…we’ve got potential and I agree we need more lvl10 and ups…see ya in the clan …oh and I’m ALMOST ready to beat atleast 2 in your fleet haha.

My wife and I will be dropping out of our alliance at the end of this cycle, both 10+ and active daily. We’re sick of carrying the current alliance (1 & 2 in trophies) when over 2/3 of the alliance isn’t even active. Both around 2200 and will be in Badlands for a while. Not able to advance much further at the moment.

Still looking for people? I play pretty much daily, and my current alliance hasnt donated a single DNA to me in weeks. I donate wherever I dont need something, so its getting really tiresome for the two or three dinos I need to never be donated, and never seem to spawn.