Ceno and Aquatic Tourney lineups (plz help)

So I’ve bragged about my tourney lineup before, and while I’m building my army of metris, I do know my aquatic and Ceno lineups are not very good. They are pretty niche lineups, but I don’t wanna miss out on anything .

For reference

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Ok so when I initially started working on my aquatics they were not far off to where you are at now with them, my cenozoics were worse.

It will take you a good solid month or 2 (each) to have these at a dominator worthy level, for reference check out the aquatic lineup thread made by mirrmurr and the cenozoic road thread made by myself, you might be able to work around the information that’s already provided there.

Also standard PvP for both ceno and aquatic is a good way to boost your current lineups even further and in the long run pays out more than you put in, best of luck :+1:

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For aquatics, I’m thinking higher level stuff and a few more surfaces, cenos some higher stuff and savannahs

Yes I would go with you there, you do lack the surfaces, whereas I have an overabundance of them.

Main thing for me was I had love for the aquatics whereas I needed a bit more motivation to work on the cenozoics haha.

Do you have any currently unlocked that you could work on?

For reference aswell, the last suchodus tournament anything below a level 40 legendary aquatic got obliterated for me, I had only 4 or 5 usable teams throughout the whole tournament. VIP 10s were about a 50 percent win rate, so ideally you want to build teams around level 20 to 30 tourneys, level 11 to 20 vips and level 40 legendaries

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