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Ceno Changes

Just a new track to keep track of any changes related to the Ceno Reshuffling.

Case in point… Panochthus is now in the 10K Loyalty Packs.

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Are the new ceno tournaments available in the daily drop prize spins?

Yeah. Bought a 10k pack and got a pano.

If you are referring to the lottery/prize drop I see the Pano in the Diamond prize wheel:

I remember seeing Cenozoics in the Gold I just don’t remember if the new deer was in it.

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Or maybe I got one not via 10k pack but the last diamond wheel spin.

It’s in the 10k pack also @DinoStan

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Since I bought 16 of it before it became a VIP I may think now twice before I buy another 10k pack.

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LOL I feel the same! At least it should be a relatively low chance of getting it compared to anything else.

I’m trying to update the Fandom pages in regards to where these cenos are able to be acquired as I update their card photos and other stats, so just was curious to know if the tournament ones were in the lottery now too.

The hardest thing to update are going to be the evo rewards, since once you unlock any level, all you can see is the trivia. And most of those prize amounts have been changed as well. At least that’s not information that is particularly important for players to know. I barely even pay attention to it.

I don’t want to open a new topic for this.
Did I miss the announcement of a new Hybrid?

And Wow!! I will be able to evolve 4 of it.

Here are its statistics.


It wasn’t officially announced, we were just told a new one was coming. How nice for you to already have what you need to make it! I definitely wish I’d done more work on my cenos before this upgrade… don’t even have a single lvl 40 of either of these yet.

I’m going to share these screenshots on Facebook if you don’t mind.

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Of course not.

I would be happy to give you one of mine so that you could have this new one too. If only it were possible. :sob:

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Well I already was getting to work hatching out what I need to make one so I won’t be too far behind. And really, we already have a cavern hybrid of fairly similar ferocity, so not sure it’s all that useful a new one to add.

Official announcement in the news feed


I’m sure that I’m not the first one who evolved it, nevertheless I want to announce that there’s a new dog in town.
It does not look very special, but has a nice yawn.


I did run into him in a recent PvP match. The horns don’t show up real well on the card image, but they were really large and prominent on the actual creature.

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Would love to get the evolution screen with stats if you can post those too @Tommi.

I’m glad to be at your service.:wink:

Screenshot_20191116-204110_Jurassic%20World Screenshot_20191116-204056_Jurassic%20World Screenshot_20191116-204038_Jurassic%20World Screenshot_20191116-204123_Jurassic%20World

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Here’s the finished page. Will be curious to see if they replace the card photo with the English version. :grinning:

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