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Ceno PvE too easy

Week by week I’m noticing that my ceno events are just beyond easy, I think that I’m going to do a little tester with my lineup and unbalance it with dilophoboa to see how much the difficulty will increase, aquatic PvE is somewhat challenging yet I have a much deeper lineup with my aquatics than my cenos.

Here was the last ceno battle that I had, most of my top cenos could 2 shot each enemy creature in these events.

And it’s the same week in week out, so I’m going to purposely unbalance my ceno lineup in the near future to see if I get more challenging battles.

(I say near future as I really dont want to be spending my dna on more boas currently, not when I have so many plans with jurassics and that we hardly use cenos anyway)

Anyone else find that their ceno events are easy? I’m pretty sure that I used to find them somewhat challenging until now.

Just a recap on some of my top ones.


This is because the Ceno roster is unbalanced in of itself. It’s much more expensive to get a balanced roster. Not only that but most Ceno dinos are weak/underpowered. Thus I think the events are fine, it’s the dinos and roster that needs another rebalance imo…

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Yes, they’re pretty easy these days, but I also have a fairly deep bench (not quite up to your level of ferocity though).

The battles I worry about sometimes are when we have aquatic PVE and the VIP battles are also aquatics. I get through them, but I always worry about having enough of them because I believe it’s usually a 5 battle VIP day.