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Ceno PvP run

Ok so here it is, inspired by cagkans modded adventure.

First of all before I get to the stats of what I generated I will breakdown what methods I use to effectively get a near 100 percent win rate while using my available teams as efficiently as possible, I only have a limited number of creatures that can reach the top teir prize wheel and snows I tend not to use and Il explain why.

In ceno PvP the AI is limited in what creatures it brings into the fight, through my trial and error hopefully this information will help any players avoid any headaches along the way.

Opponent does not bring any vip or tourney level creatures to the match.
I’m not sure why this is the case but thanks to this information we can build effective teams to bring.

Currently within the super rare and legendary range the opponent is limited to the number of snows it can bring thanks to the current gaps in the game, the strongest of which being the 3 level 40 legendaries (megalo, dipro, lion). Mainly you will see alot of megistocurus and archaeophicyon which could take your marsupial lions and thylas out with no problem, for this reason it would be best to bring Savannahs, brontotherium for instance at level 11 can take out any of the 3 legendary snows within 2 - 3 hits.

Well why not caverns?

Indricoceros and entelorhacos, usually I will face these at level 11 plus (on a good day, on a bad day around level 25 plus) which means they would give your caverns a rough time bearing in mind alot of caverns dont have the best attack and these beasts have quite a lot of health so you would need to do 4 or more hits. Its much more doable than using snows still but Savannahs are just gonna get the job done quicker, theres been a team of full snows sometimes but usually the ferocity is spread out quite vast so again nothing to worry about when using Savannahs of level 11+ vip ferocity.

Using fodder main fodder method I have compiled results from 11 to 12 matches per day over the course of 4 days.

(For those of you that do have alot of snows replacing last fodder with a high attack Savannah that doesnt quite reach the top wheel will also prove successful, I just prefer not to play with fire when I have enough of the other classes to use lol)

(And again to also note this information is based around my current ferocity for cenos which is still pretty low and I’m sure the information will be more helpful to newer players, I’m sure fodder thyla 30 - 40 fodder will be just as effective but I can’t say for sure)

Free respins stop after the 7th battle, if you have trouble where your game keeps crashing on the wheel like mine hold off on pressing the spin wheel straight away, leave it for 10 seconds or more and your game should not crash.

In summary the best creatures to use as mains:

Brontotherium 11+
Procoptodon 11+
Hyaenodon 11+

Indricoceros 14+
Entelorhacos 20+
Mammotherium 10+
Megistocurus 26+

Gastornis 21+
Urtinotherium 25+
Titanoboa 21+
Megatherium 25+

Prize ranges

DNA 100 - 1,000
DB 100 - 500
LP 100 - 500

And here are the results

Day 1

1 - 100 LP - 14k food
2 - 50k coin - marsupial lion
3 - 25k coin - 25k food
4 - 200 dna - 12k food
5 - 100 lp - 12k coin
6 - 100 dna - 100 dna
7 - 12k food
8 - 100 LP
9 - 12k food
10 - 100 dna
11 - 500 dna

Day 2

1 - 200 DNA - 200 lp
2 - 500 dna - 12k food
3 - 18k food - 100 lp
4 - 100 dna - 100 dna
5 - 250 lp - 25k coin
6 - 37k coin - 24k coin
7 - 12k food - 6k food
8 - 100 lp
9 - 12k coin
10 - 12k coin
11 - indricotherium
12 - lost (snow used)

Day 3

1 - 100 dna - 37k coin
2 - 49k coin - 24k food
3 - 100 dna - 100 dna
4 - 24k coin - 6k food
5 - 250 lp - diprotodon
6 - 12k food - 100 dna
7 - 100 lp - 6k food
8 - 500 dna
9 - 250 db
10 - 100 lp
11 - lost (snow used)

Day 4

1 - 100 lp - 100 dna
2 - 12k coin - 100 lp
3 - 250 lp - 100 lp
4 - 100 lp - 100 dna
5 - 200 dna - 37k coin
6 - phorusrhacos - 100 lp
7 - 12k coin - 24k food
8 - 200 dna
9 - 12k food
10 - lost (cavern used)
11 - 6k food


225 db spent

4 legendaries
2,150 lp (x2 bonus for vips 4,300 lp)
3,400 dna
250 db gained (net 25 db)

More than likely I will do another run next week and add the results here, hopefully the information has helped.

Cagkans modded adventure


Very good. I am going to make aqua, within many days and not always same tier.

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I am beginning with land vs ceno one, will get aqua when having a more deepen team.

Ceno vs land 7 matches
1-4700 food and 100 dna expert prize
2-100 dna and 9400 food advanced prize
3- accidentally shut down when winning
4- 100 LPs and 9400 coins advanced prize
5- 28200 coins and 9400 food advanced prize
6- lost failed the turn
7- 9400 food and 18800 food intermediated prize
Aether you arr wayyy luckier than me

Not luck I am reaching top teir wheel.

For land and ceno that would be about indominus level 20 ferocity.

For ceno it is marsupial lion which is just short of 3,000 ferocity.

You need to make sure 1 of your creatures can hit the top wheel in order to get best prizes.


well you’ve put me to shame for what I’ll present for the aquatic wheel. I was just going with the results lol.

I’ll post a full weeks worth in a couple of days :slight_smile:


we should probably tie them all into one thread so people can compare directly at some point as well


Very good job!
It’s nice to see that you almost always have at least one decent reward when you have the respin. I feel that I have the two bad rewards more often than you but it might just be perception issue. I should probably take note too, to see.
My general feeling without data to prove is that I have the useless rewards more often but I have the big payouts in between.


A job well done @Aether_12, joyfully read it all. :slight_smile: Also giving the pre-information about the usable creatures are just on point, especially for the ones as me who are still on the stage of building up their ceno line up. Quick reminder lads, this could form a perception to improve savannahs as quick as possible before the rest of them all, but let’s keep an eye on that ferocity gap while doing that shall we? Otherwise we may have an hard time on PvEs. I am saying this to the the ones just started the game or the ones who is lacking just like me on the ceno side, trying to reach the elite tier. So useful Reece, thank you. :clap::clap::clap:


7 ceno vs land totally gotten
1- 9400 and 4700 food
2- Tuojiangosaurus and 9400 food
3-14100 food and Common Killers pack with Majunga
5- 4700 food and 18800 coins
6- 9400 coins x2


Thanks cagkan :+1:

VIP 11s will reach the top wheel, this shouldn’t make your PvE too hard if you have a deep bench of them, level 40 legendaries are just a tad weaker than level 11 vips


Yeah that is the exact part I am missing, lvl 40 legendaries. :confused: Also I need more VIPs since the only one I can get to lvl 11 is my poor Brontho.


Working on that, but you know, I had fotgaotten how long does it take to hatch legendaries. :man_facepalming:


Ceno legendaries are pretty short compared to jurassics hatch times, alot of them are around 1 day to 2 days at most


Not to mention aquatic hatch times!

To sum it up: savannahs are really the key!
But I wouldn’t neglect snows either. I use a different strategy (I only use the fodder strategy for jurassics and aquatics because I find the health of cenos too low and therefore risky) and always use snows as I find the ai almost always brings at least 1 sav.
I always bring all 3 classes but I find caves to be the least useful to me. Still useful as meatshields just not as useful as the other two. So for me caves are basically equivalent to herbivores.


If it werent for megistocurus and archaeophicyon thyla would be my go to, hes definitely my favourite ceno vip his attack animations are awesome.

And yes definitely do not neglect snows, we dont know how helpful they will be in tournaments just yet, I just know as a rule now to bring a Savannah with decent attack if I do use a main snow in PvP as the chances of coming across a nasty cavern creature are very high, I’ve found brontotherium and procoptodon to not need backup in PvP.


Oh I haven’t notice that until now, good to know. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I hope a build up a decent line up in the upcoming weeks. But you know, jurassic projects are so tempting. Haven’t got Ostaposaurus, Metriaphodon and some new tourneys yet. Wanting those really much up in my squad.


Aquatic Results

I’ve only presented to daily totals (from 10 PvP battles), ignoring food and coins as they are worthless. I HAVEN’T applied the x2 VIP multiplier to LP wins so those non VIPS can make an assessment of value.

So no preamble on strategy as it’s the same as the other PvPs…

Day 1.
DNA - 400
DB - 0
LP - 650
SR - 1
LGND - 2

Day 2.
DNA - 200
DB - 25
LP - 650
SR - 1
LGND - 2

Day 3.
DNA - 200
DB - 0
LP - 250
SR - 1
LGND - 1

Day 4.
DNA - 900
DB - 350
LP - 150
SR - 0
LGND - 0

Day 5.
DNA - 800
DB - 0
LP - 250
SR - 0
LGND - 1

Day 6.
DNA - 1200
DB - 100
LP - 350
SR - 0
LGND - 2

Day 7.
DNA - 300
DB - 0
LP - 700
SR - 0
LGND - 2

DNA - 4000
DB - 725
LP - 3000
SR - 3
LGND - 10


So whats the take home message?

lots of coin and food fodder, some ok DNA and DB and pretty decent chunk of LPs. The big thing Aquatic has going for it it the TH value of the legendaries, particularly if locked. Aquatic legendaries are usually ranging from 250-350DB and 2000-3500 DNA offers in the TH which is nothing to sneeze at. So 10 legendaries over the week = great DB and DNA gains.


The general conclusion:

If you want to gather lp faster or if you need free (but relatively useful creatures both for your line up or to trade them away) go for aquatic or ceno un-modded. The cons are the coin/food rewards. But the free re-spins still give you a chance for something decent.

If you want generally acceptable rewards with a few hiccups (40lp,40 dna, useless jurassic creatures) then go for modded. Very useful if you work on deepening your bench with shybrids. The cons are the higher entry fee and the battles tend to take longer too.