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Cenozoic and Aquatic Code 19

What do you think about Code 19 also for Ceno and Aqua?

  • Aqua:
    When you fail, the creature escapes into the sea and you’ll have to send a team and then catch it
    Same rewards like Land Code 19’s

  • Ceno:
    When you fail, the creature escapes out of the Biodome and you’ll have to send a team and then catch the escaped creature at a new or maybe the same scenery for Dinos
    Rewards are the same

What do you think about my suggestions ?


In general I’m no fan of code 19, fail on a regular basis in those with 10 SDNA as reward. But any new feature is welcome.


It would be interesting plus it would give Ludia a place to offer different types of SDNA one type for Jurassic, different one for Aquatic, and a third type for Cenozoic. They would have to develop a new interface since you would have no idea which creature was trying to escape if they used the same Park perspective they use now when it kicks off.


I love the idea. I would also like it to offer more than 3 a day, if you do play them.

@Tommi - I regularly fail the 10 ones as well, but I keep trying! Not long ago managed a perfect containment on one, but have failed to repeat that. Those are the only ones I miss on now though. Usually can get a perfect score on the others, which is quite a long way I’ve come on these!


I have better days (weeks) and worse, and I’m not sure if it is me or the algorithm. In the last three weeks I lost nearly every of the 10 ones and I did not only lose, I was literally slaughtered. I had no idea what went wrong because I had very little problems in the last months.
I totally failed in every task except the one with the buttons. This morning suddenly I did a perfect 10 one and again have no idea what I did change.

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Two things cause me to fail them. First the speed is often much more variable and you have to adjust on the fly. But in particular the slider one tends to go VERY fast and has very small targets. If I get more than one of those it’s almost a certain failure.


Do you play on a phone? I personally found what made the Code 19’s doable for me at ALL was switching to only playing on my iPad. I could probably do okay now with the easiest ones on my phone, but it just makes ALL the difference for me playing on the larger screen once the difficulty goes up. Quite honestly I don’t know how anyone succeeds with those level 10 ones on a small phone screen.

One other issue for me is simply that I don’t GET that many level 10 ones, so just too much time between attempts. I maybe get one in an entire week. I assume you probably get a lot more of them just due to the level of your dinos being much higher than mine.

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I play on a Samsung tablet. I also have no idea how it is going to work on a small display.


Oh my gosh that’s so funny that you say that! I do the exact opposite. I switch from my ipad to my phone to do the code 19’s. I find it so much easier to do them on a phone because everything is smaller so it’s a lot easier to anticipate when the slider is going to be in the target zone :laughing:

Literally every day, when my code 19’s reset, i switch to my phone, do my 3 code 19’s, then switch back :laughing:

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Everyone’s brain works a bit differently I guess. I just seem to miss hitting the target far more often on the small screen than on the larger tablet.

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Me too :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I agree with @vennellok. My phone is much easier than my tablet