Cenozoic Christmas Creatures

Some ideas. Because I’m pretty sure next update is a winter update, and that usually means cenozoics. So…yeah. That’s it. I’m working on hybrids. Not done with those.

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ok, but also non cezonic creatures that look like the fit the part/ can fit based on name?
Yutyranus and cryolophosaurus come to mind.


those are all good especially the dire wolf, something to keep dem andrews off me, but its sad to think that the dinos coming on christmas are going to be cenezoics, maybe some of the leaked dinos in dominion but seriously. if i dont see giga, im gonna be sad. Tgat thyla is really gonaa be good tho, a nice easy to get coomon that is very good

Nice job making the Dino’s, I would like to see all of these in jwa (mastodon was my fav btw) and would be nice to see some hybrids for the jwa Christmas update. Overall great job and nice pick of moves. :+1:t4:

yutyrannus had feathers to protect it from the cold, and cryolophosaur lived in antarctica, so it works out

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Mastodon for sure