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Cenozoic creature

Why we unlock battle of cenozoic dino at level 10 but we can hatch a cenozoic dino at level 40?

What do u mean with venom dino?


Lol venom


He must be real op in game

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Venom? Rock n Roll group? :rofl:


Venom? This?

images - 2021-02-17T183215.060


Naja naja, Royal Cobra, if i am right, sir Jurassic Fury? :face_with_monocle:


If a snake spits at you, spit back


I… Think…
You enlightened me…

You have so much wisdom! :exploding_head:

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This post needs more likes. MUST.
Also, if Titanoboa spits you, escape like a Therizinosaurus!


Sorry the automatic corrector has everything “correct”

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I will forever remember the initial name of this thread as “Venom Creature”… :relieved:

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Sorry the automatic corrector has everything “correct” XD

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You are a comic?I just joke

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Why did you change this from Venom creature to Canzoic creature

Of course Jurassic Fury is a comic, and one of the best, if i could say.

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Comic? Nah, I would say more of a long boring novel which makes you sleepy. :woozy_face:

Same reason aquatic battle unlocks at 25 but you probably can’t get your 3rd aquatic till lvl 30

If you brought a cenozic creature pack, and hatch them, then you can battle at lvl 10
(But why would you want cenozoics at lvl 10 tho, that’s like 1st hour of gameplay)

I have like 9 aquatic and only at level 35

The corrector automatic have chang cenozoic to venom