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Cenozoic creatures

We’ve been getting several new dinos and think it’s high time we get creatures from the Cenozoic era.

Here are some personal suggestions-

Common: Andrewsarchus, Embolotherium, Gastornis, American Mastodon, Dinofelis, Sarkastodon, Entelodon, Ambelodon, Megaloceros, Thylacosmilus

Rare: Deinotherium, Elasmotherium, Smilodon, Arctodus, Thylacoleo, Hyaenodon, Megatherium, Doedicurus, Archaeotherium, Phorusrachus

Epic: Woolly Mammoth, Homotherium, Gigantopithecus, Indricotherium, Cave Bear, Colombian Mammoth, Titanoboa, Titanis, Wooly Rhinoceros

If anyone has any thoughts or opinions leave your comments below


Is it sad that I only know of Titanaboa and woolly Mammoth?

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You gotta know Smilodon!


Why are you familiar with those two?

Cause Titanaboa is a giant snake and is cool and wooly mammoth from the movie Ice Age


Idk what that is :cold_sweat:

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Oh, well, uhh, why not just call it a saber tooth tiger? I was wondering what the hecc is a Smilodon lol

Not to mention the Woolly rhinoceros, and Megaloceros the giant Irish elk

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Scientific names VS colloquial terms, I guess :sweat_smile:


Yes! I would love to have a Giant Elk on my team!



why not adding dragonzord?

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This was good idea

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@RaptorKnightIII, what about the Hybrids? :smiley:

Please no. Fluffy Trash ruined Jurassic World The Game, we don’t need them in Alive.

Titanoboa, Megalania (Varanus priscus), Belzebufo, The giant Adder (forgot the scientific name), Terror birds and cenozoic crocodiles are fine.




It’s called a smilodon because it is not a tiger. It is actually only cousins with the tiger. Closer related to a lion. But again not a lion. It’s in it’s own branch.

And when we have to fight wooly mamoths against sauropods ( who’s size is normally measured comparative to multiple elephants) and have mamoths win I will blame posts like this

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If some species live at the time more close to present day than to the time T-rex lived, I think that would be a bad idea add these species in this game.

Well, Purrusaurus is already a Cenozoic, lived around 10 million years ago.

I would say that rule can be extended into “anything that lives closer to modern day than T-Rex and have no jurassic aesthetics”.

I personally can imagine a Terror Bird fit right in with the Erlikosaurus and Ornithomimus branch, as well as any reptile among the crocodiles and stuff like Dimetrodon.

Mammals just don’t cut the theme though, they would stick out more than a sore thumb.

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I didn’t know that, thanks teacher :slight_smile: