Cenozoic Hybrid Suggestions

I had ideas for a few ceno hybrids like Phorusrhacos + Enteledon: Entrhacos or Phorusteledon. It would be mainly Phorusrhacos with hoove like feet and a furry mane on its back. It would be plains obviously.

Another idea was the Deinotherium + Diprotodon: Diprotherium. It would be mainly Diprotodon with Deinotherium tusks and the beginnings of a trunk. It would be snows obviously.

There was also the Andrewsarchus + Kelenken: Kelenkesarchus or Andrenken maybe? It would be based on Andrewsarchus with a beaky snout and short legs. The legs would have scales on the feet, and there would be some feathers and plumes on the head, tail, and legs. It should probably be plains.

My final idea was Megatherium or Eremotherium + Glyptodon: Glyptomotherium, Megalyptodon, or Eremotodon. It would be more ground sloth like with long claws on Glytodonish feet, then a scaly back and head. It would be caverns obviously.

I was thinking about all the mammaoth hybrids in JW alive, and then, I thought, why are there no mastodon hybrids in JW the game, because there like almost the same. So I had an idea for the Euclastodon. It will be a Eucladoceros and Mastodon hybrid. It should be very deerlike, but with thick legs like a elephant, and tusks as well as very thin pointy antlers, like those of the Eucladoceros. It may or may not have a small trunk, but definitely not a long one. You guys do the stats, but make it snow, obviously.

And also, it may just be a coincidence, but either way, thank you for the Entelerhacos hybrid. Read all my suggestions, please, I have like, maybe ten topics by now.

My latest idea, the Titornis. It is a Titanoboa and Gastornis hybrid. It should be snakelike with a beak, and feathers all along both sides. Plumes at the top of the head, and a large feather arranged at the end of the tail. Very blue and black, with a yellowish orange beak, and reddish plumes. High attack, low health, then whatever coins.

If there are super hybrids for cenozoics, there should be two of them. First is the Archaetoceras, a Smithetoceras and Archaeotherium hybrid. It has two tusks, with smaller horns above the eyes. The Y horn is the same size. It is snows, and has high damage and low health. It should be better than Mammotherium.
The second will be Eristocurus. It is like Eremotherium, but with the armour of Megistocurus. It has a carnivorous, doglike snout, and the hind feet are more doglike. It has high health, low damage. Make it better than Indricoceras, but weaker than Mammotherium.

There could be a Mammotherium superhybrid, but I think there should not be one. Either way, I should still suggest one. The Doedotherium. It is like Mammotherium, but it has armour like that of Megistocurus. It has the face of Doedicurus with the horns and tusks of the Mammoth and Elasmotherium.

Indricoceros, alothough I don’t really like this either, should have a hybrid. It can be with Glyptodon maybe, so Glypcoceros? It has armour, along the back and neck. The head is less horse or rhino like and shorter, like Glyptodon. The antlers are positioned more to the sides, and out like they are holding up something, as in the Megaloceros.

Your fantasy is impressive, although I do not give up the hope to see more ‘real’ creatures that walked, flew or swam on earth. It’s been a while.


It has been a long while. Just call this Jurassic World, the game of carnivorous hybrids.