Cenozoic Smack Bug

There is an issue with Indotaurus’s cloak that for some reason he can dodge with moves that he shouldn’t. In this case with Cenozoic smack against the cloak

@Ned this is correct?

Hey there, Hugo_Ugalde1. I had actually done some digging on this as well a while back. :mag:

The ability does hit through Cloak, but it wouldn’t remove it.

They should be more specific with their icons because this is definitely a tricky move.

It doesn’t cancel hide but the icon says something else… absurd

I’ll definitely give our team another poke on the icon as well!

There are many inconsistencies, super distraction has the same icon with the cloak canceled and in its description it only talks about removing dodge however it does remove the cloak

All movements should be consistent, what comes next? fierce rampage that breaks shields but doesn’t pierce armor? …

It’s difficult to learn hundreds of movements and with this it becomes more complicated, I am not the first to complain about this

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Thank you, Hugo_Ugalde1. I will bring up Super Distraction’s icon and ability description with our team.

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