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Cenozonic Stampede

Any one do the Cenozonic Stampede yet?

At 5million coins, it is pricey. Normally I send out a feeler team, before my “winning” crew, but if anyone else has the down low on what we’ll be facing, you can save me some coins that I can use for the 55m aqua packs.

Most of the opposing dinos had hps between 250-350 for me.

It was way easier than the aquatic one from yesterday

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What are the dino class groups?

It’s a mix of all 3 types.

All 3 classes represented, as would be typical for this event.

Very easy for me too, same approx. HPs.

It was really easy. I don’t think I saw anything above a level 10 legendary. And it seemed like they used mostly savannah and cavern. A level 30 tournament or level 20 VIP could handle it solo

I put in a feeler team before realizing that it was 5,000,000 coins and not 500,000. I put pretty low level guys in and still lost at the last guy. Here is what I faced for round 1:

  1. Snow
  2. Savannah
  3. Cavern
  4. Savannah
  5. Savannah
  6. Cavern
  7. Snow
  8. Savannah
  9. Savannah

I’m not going to send in a feeler team for next two rounds as I can’t afford it.

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