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Cera 100% stun inaccurate on Cera and monorhino

Cera says it will stun 100%

This is inaccurate, it does not stun 100% on creatures that have resistances to stun, it is misleading.

it will unless the creature its used on has stun resistance.

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Distract also doesn’t distract on creatures with distract resistance. I don’t see your point.


Should not say 100% that means it will always stun unless the opposite dino is immune

It is absolutely not misleading.

The attack moves are what the creatures does, but you then have to take into account the opponents resistance.

Another example… An attack move does 2000 damage, but the opponent has 50% armour, so it only does 1000 damage. Is that misleading, or do you just take into account the opponent you are fighting again.


I just don’t feel it should say 100% that’s all, I think they updated the wording on field guide says “chance” the word chance has been taken out on the move acute stun

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So what about instant distract?

Also, if it didn’t say 100% stun what would you suggest it say?

100% stun and 100% stun chance is the exact same thing.


Say the creature you face is 75% resistant to stun. It will only have a 25% chance to be stunned just like:
If you have instant distraction and you are up against a creature with 75% resistance. It will only have 25% of its attack reduced.

Hopefully I explained it well :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree. This is very misleading. I feel the move description should update as your opponent changes. Who wants to do math? I also think ludia should tell you which move to pick next to win because who has time to figure all that out with the clock counting down? Also a swap warning would be nice, so I have time to change my mind. I tried to bleed an edapho the other day and nothing happened…come on ludia!:joy:

Not misleading at all.

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It ignores Dodge, Armor, and Shields (hence the Acute part)

It has a 100% chance to creatures with 0% Stun Resistance.

It has 50% chance to stun creatures with 50% Stun Resistance

It has a 25% chance to stun creatures with 75% Stun Resistance

And it has 0% chance to stun creatures with 100% Stun Resistance

What on Earth makes that misleading, the fact that it can’t ignore Stun resistance? And what difference would it make if it didn’t say 100% chance to stun, the effect wouldn’t change at all.


It is because he is the sort of person that takes the written word for what it is instead of looking beyond that and taking into account things like resistances, armour, etc.

So instead of accepting that there are things in life you can’t just take as the written word without using your mind to figure it out they blame Ludia.

For once Ludia is not to blame for anything of this.

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Update it’s now on both Cera and monorhino looks like it’s comming soon but not working yet

yep guessing it will after the update

Oof Lidia really wants to destroy arena with swap in meta


No way will they make it 100% chance.
It’s broken as is no swap in should do direct damage it’s just cheap and can’t be predicted.

they can and they will and it can be predicted if you are under 2k health expect a swapin