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Cera is the death rattle of JWA

We all hated swap in DSR but at least it was 1 creature and once it was in play it was worthless but Cera? I’ve had it swapped in on me 3 times now and it has crit all 3 times, all 3 crit for 2600+ damage and of course once in play Cera is quite good on its own. The game has become a boring swap fest with Cera as the new king, it will soon be 100% necessary to have yours to be competitive and then it becomes how many swappers doing how much damage do you have. I’m just not sure how much longer I will care.


Agree. A T20 attack level 26 Magnus could already do 2250 damage. Plus it also has a Priority strike that can increase its speed by 50%, which allows it to outspeed almost everything. And it also has Precise Rampage, which could deal up to 4500 damage at T20 attack. And that’s not counting crits


Might be a good idea to start investing in Grypolyth then


Yes it’s great for those swap in dracos :slight_smile:

I experienced a battle recently where the opponent used Mortem, Lux, Cera all in one game, including the swap-in attack for Cera.

Let’s just say I won and didn’t really find it a struggle. Can’t remember what they had boosted though.

He’s the predator to the apex predators forreal. Lux and cera forsure

Couldn’t have said it better myself… The swap ins have turned this game into a joke… a very bad joke


Absolutely. I created him today and max boosted immediately (I have been saving since he came out, 6 health and 20 attack) and suddenly I don’t lose anymore in arena. Totally broken. Madness. I feel sorry for my opponent who doesn’t have or draw this monstrosity.


It is a game-changer at level 26 in the Shore, the highest arena… I can only imagine the destruction it will cause or is already causing in lower arenas…


Buddy,u r just overwhelmed with ur not telling any rude but the reality is this-- cera is having a mediocre stats bcz–1) On above arenas creatures r normally resistive 2) Infront of Armoured creatures or the creatures having the shield or taunting quality the cera is useless bcz I also hv the cera with boosts and it’s not very effective with some common creatures of PvP like-- Magna,Thor, Ardenti,Gemini, Tryko, Trystronix,even creature with dot…at all.


Cera is perfectly balanced. It’s an apex with a decent swap in that has plenty of counters. Nowhere near unbalanced.

I think you’re forgetting about the priority speedup. With enough damage it beats Tryos… with a couple more levels it will beat Magnas that are not well boosted in HP… it forces Thor to use IC, which can make a huge difference in the match… Plus, it can swap in a Tryko that is just partially damaged, then kill it with Rampage… If it shields… accute stun and rampage again… All that with 20% crit chance that feels more like 30% or 40%

I am not saying things out of my head here, I AM using it and facing it max boosted all the time. All these thing I’ve said keep happening… a lot… Yes it has some good counters, mostly Grypo, Lania and Smilo, But that doesn’t make it less annoying.


But again, as I said in another topic. Cera is not the problem… Cera + rat + Rhinos… that’s the problem


My overall point is that the swap in meta is out of control but if people want to talk about Cera like it’s nothing then let’s have the discussion. Swap in for 22-2400, likely kill your opponent, next dino in use speed up for 22-2400 again and survive their attack, now you’re guaranteed to be faster with a rampage. Even the counters take heavy damage and aren’t 100% except Grypo. This isn’t even mentioning that they probably have another swap in, next thing you know you’re down 2-0 and your opponent has a fresh dino in and swap in damage waiting, that’s not a healthy PvP experience.


Cera is strong but can be countered. It’s new to the arena and players need to adapt.

U don’t get it actually…with higher lvl resistive dinos cera can be counter easily …

Well its completly broken and deserve a nerf as some others swappers

I love all your post telling ranked players in shores how things are. It’s on 80% of ranked players teams already even 4 levels below team average, you should really think on that for a moment. It’s also widely being called the best dino in the game right now.

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I’m new here but as a ranked player I think Cera is a little OP but not the biggest problem. It’s the nasty rats and max boosted gems that will get you

Perfectly balanced plenty of counters??? Read my post to you in the other thread