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Ceramagnus cleansed?

So this was the scenario…

Ceramagnus vs Magna

Magna went with Distracting Impact, my Ceramagnus went with Precise Rampage… my Ceramagnus cleansed.

GG Ludia! :rofl:

This was in the PVP Arena not Raids. @Sara and is surely a bug?


uhmmm… that’s not supposed to happen.
bug that makes magnus even more OP.


Hmm, I tested it in campaign and it didn’t do it. :thinking:

… * Makes Grypolyth fatter *

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It is very possible that with me taking a little time deciding on my move, that the timer may have hit 0 just as I pressed Precise Rampage, and it went with Resilient Strike, and I may not have paid attention to the amount of damage inflicted.

But either way I blame Ludia for something to do with it. :rofl: