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Ceramagnus counter idea

After making my monolorhino counter idea (link:Monolorhino counter idea - #6 by SSSRARE) I thought I might make a ceramagnus counter. Feel free to give any suggestions on changes.
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If a creature has too much power u generaly nerf it, not introduce new creatures just to “counter it”

It’s not bad to release new counters for strong creatures - like adding more endgame fierce creatures so you have more choices besides Thor and Mortem. But there are definitely some cases where a creature is so strong that one creature isn’t enough to stop it from dominating the meta. Magnus is one of those cases, and probably needs a separate nerf. In fact, the entire swap meta probably needs a gamewide mechanic change or new mechanic to limit the power of swap-in attackers.


I dont mind non attacking swap in moves, I think those actually make the game more fun, like alanky, thyla, smilo etc


It’s pretty funny though, your dino is amazingly similar to one I designed a while ago.


Mine wasn’t designed to counter Magnus though. It’s supposed to be more of a high-damage revenge killer similar to what Tryostronix used to be. I might throw on some stun resistance, I like that.


My idea of countering magnus is that I have an instant move while being faster than Magnus, prevent it from getting an extra hit

I agree that the non-damaging moves aren’t as bad. But getting sniped out of nowhere with no real way to predict or really counter it (other than expecting a swap in every time you hit a certain percent) is never fun.

There are a number of ways they could deal with this. One of my favorites right now is giving swap in attacks normal priority. So if you use swap in stunning strike but your opponent is faster, they can attack first - maybe distract you or put up a shield. Non-damaging moves could be given priority to stay relevant - like swap in Invincibility could become swap in Instant Invincibility to still activate first in most cases, or swap in distraction can be swap in instant distraction. Swap in slow can probably stay the same - it doesn’t really matter if you attack first or second, the slow affects the opponent the same either way.

Another option would be creating “upon swap in” moves that activate upon a swap but before the opponent can use a swap in ability, like an upon swap in stun to stun them or upon swap in distraction to reduce the damage their swap in attack does. That really only acts as a swapping detterant though, and would only be useful on the dinos that had these moves (similar to how on escape moves only protect the dinos with those attacks, they don’t affect the whole meta).

Your Monolorhino counter idea works here too. There’s not really a need for another creature.

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Gonna make a lux counter later, as it’s different from magnus and mrhino
And a mortem counter as well, there arent many viable Dodgers currently

Plus dodge itself isn’t quite reliable enough to consistently counter stuff like Mortem.

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Honestly with Mortem CI needs to be something else. I think you said it before, but something like GSI (maybe call it Primal Tail Whip: Target Team: Remove Vulnerable. Target All Opponents: Remove Shields. Bypass Armor. Attack 1.5 (X damage for Mortem)


Yeah if it’s going to have a cleansing move, give it cleansing shattering strike or something so it can’t do full damage AND cleanse. Honestly, why does it even need to cleanse? It’s immune to deceleration. It resists DoT and vulnerability (and all of it’s attacks cleanse vulnerability). The only think it really can cleanse is distraction, which honestly should be countering it. So give it group shattering impact, Ferocious strike, lockdown impact, ANYTHING other than cleansing impact.


I can see this being super op

Lol maybe not Ferocious Strike, but just not having a cleansing impact I think is a good change.

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Mortem losing access to cleansing impact would make it much less viable than thor. If that is replaced it would need a priority damaging move to keep it viable. Or give it 50% damage reduction resistance. It should just keep the CI.

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I can see that. Maybe CI should just have a delay of 1 so cunnings have more of a chance on turn 1, and can maybe finish it on turn 2. I don’t want to make Mortem irrelevant either. But right now CI only helps it against cunnings. Don’t they have it bad enough already without getting bodied by something they should rightfully be countering?

Adding dodge to cunning attacks would help against CI and other fierce moves. That would go a long way towards helping cunnings.

I feel like that would decrease cunning diversity, but it would definitely help. Dodge in general just needs to be more reliable. There’s a not insignificant chance that it’ll just do nothing, and even if it does work, a high-attack Mortem will still do a lot of damage to you.


That would only help in situations where Mortem is brought out against a Cunning, which are relatively rare considering it’s used as a revenge-killer.

As for alternative moves, what about something like Fierce Impact+this turn shield or something like that, to make it better against Resilients instead of Cunnings. Even Revenge-shattering Rampage.

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I’m down for that. As I was getting at in an earlier comment, CI itself only really helps Mortem against cunnings anyway (like if a Spyx is brought out to deal with the revenge-killing Mortem) since it already resists, can cleanse with fierce attacks, or is immune to pretty much all other cleansable debuffs, so that’s why I was focusing on that matchup. Making Mortem worse against cunnings and better against resilients instead sounds great in my book.