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Ceramagnus fixes (poll)

Very well discussed that Ceramagnus needs to be toned down a bit. In which ways would you prefer?

  • Lower Stats (Discuss)
  • Change Resistances (Discuss)
  • Change Swap In Stunning Strike to another move. (Discuss)
  • Change Group Acceleration to another move. (Discuss)
  • Leave Ceramagnus as is.

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Depends on what combo. All of these feel plausible in some way to me.

Personally, my biggest gripe is the Group Acceleration. This doesn’t belong on any dino outside of a cunning or a dedicated raid dino like Tuora. This, combined with the speed decrease immunity and her other moves and stats, is overboard.

I’m tempted to say get rid of the speed decrease immunity, mainly because it seems as though lately it’s been “slap speed decrease immunity and bam, powerful dino”. Seriously, nearly all of the best dinos in the game currently (Morty, Magnus, Hadros, Compsol, Gemini) are all immune to it.


Id say do this
Ceramagnus 1800 Attack 4500 Health 114 speed 30% Armor 5% Crit
Resilient Strike
Instant Charge
Acute Stun
Precise Rampage
Swap In Head Butt
100% Speed Decrease
100% Stun

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Oh i thought you were talking about boss. I would lower some of it’s stats like either swap its swap in strike for headbutt and lower attack to 1400 and maybe remove slow immunity

what I did is increase the attack but lower the swap in damage by 50 % so instead of 1500 swap in, it has 900. And instead of a cooldown 1 speed increasing group accel it has instant charge for a prioirity damage with delay 1 cooldown 2. Also I gave it more attack on the rampage to reduce the impact of lowering swap damage by 600. And to balance it more I took away it’s 50 percent vulnerable resistance and it lost it’s ability to increase speed 50 percent

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Why are you worried about an Apex when a lonely epic rhino is running around rampaging???


I have a change for that as well
Woolly Rhino 1200 Attack, 4200 Health, 108 Speed 10%Armor, 5%Crit
Resilient Strike
Group Taunting Shields Impact (Bumpy has this move)
Instant Invincibility Taunt
Swap In Stunning Strike
25% Resistance to DOT

basically just lowered the stats and then made it so to resilient (which is pretty op) it has to strike, also to make it more resilient lowered the bleed resistance

possibly because one is more overpowered and causing absolute chaos and mayhem in the arena…


but then again, ceramagnus is apex and woolly rhino seems a bit too overpowered for an epic. Apexes I get that they are strong yet still need to be nerfed a bit for balance

once rhino swaps in its pretty bad, gets taken out easily by chompers, cera on the other hand with a priority move, swap in, high crit, and other factors make it a monster as far as i can tell


My rework of Ceramagnus:


Less damage to avoid swaps so soon, less speed for Mortem to beat Magnus, less critical (I don’t need to explain why), Acceleration becomes Impact with Shields thus being more “Resilient”, Precise Rampage becomes Resilient Rampage thus avoiding high damage after swap in. Resistance to Distraction to have chances against Cunnings and Loss of Immunity to Deceleration because then other Resilients would have a better chance of defeating Magnus.

Reducing the damage and losing priority skill would be enough.


she def needs something done, but i’m unsure what. doesn’t need a whole lot just enough to push her down a bit.

maybe changing her swap in to swap in headbut then perhaps either a delay or a change to GA.

Losing Group Accel would probably be the best course of action, in favor of gaining Minimal Speedup Strike (in place of Resilient Strike) and Group Taunting Shields Impact. And then maybe turn Precise Rampage into Resilient Rampage?

The stats can then remain as is, since it won’t have a Priority move or a Rampage available on turn 1.


Leave as is




I forgot to add lower crit rate. But can you blame me? Way too much about it to need to nerf already


Siss becomes headbutt, speed up becomes 10% or has a 2 turn cooldown, minor damage nerf

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Well nobody is seeing a level 27 Wholly Rhino all boosted to high hell and immune to Deceleration.

Not to mention being able to accelerate to be faster than literally anyone in the game for a limited time. Oh, or a rampage as well.


I think fixing the class imbalance and changing SISS/ reworking a lot of other class swappers and anti-swappers should be done before going straight for Magnus, since these are important parts of why it’s so dominant.