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Ceramagnus Level 27

Screenshot_20210227_153658 slowly it’s going crazy


These apexes are getting out of hand

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or that guh really enjow bullying and mocking other player in pvp(because the player had a lvl 30 metrodon qhich mean he enjoys bullying other players)

Lvl 27 magnus :rofl:


A lvl 30 metro isn’t gonna bully anyone in gyro or even high library


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Because everything is 28+ and metro isn’t exactly at the top of the meta. There are far bigger threats than metro

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What? Tenontorex?
There is nothing more infuriating than seeing a mono is tbe arena

Talk for yourself. A lvl 30 metro in gyro is just average. It’s not gonna wipe any team lol. Good luck taking down a 9k hp maxima or a 7k tryko with it


True. The threats up at Gyro Depot are pretty much max boosted Dracorats or Nitro Thors (Sometimes 10k hp Maxima too)


“The Dream Luck” of JWA.

Ehh not really. Idk what you mean with nitro thors, but those 140+ speed ones are usually stuck in library, they don’t really cut it in gyro. Dracos aren’t that much of a threat by themselves either. Teams are almost maxed out, so it’s mostly the top tier tyrants that dominate

I didn’t even unlocked mortem and he has lvl 27 ceramagnus

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Ceramagnus raids have been released for 14 weeks. That’s a maximum of 420 DNA for ceramagnus. 300 to unlock ceramagnus and 100 to level up. There you have it, 30 every weeks… And same on gorgotrebax. It has been out 10 weeks and apparently it’s been unlocked already. What an incredible luck…


@Majin83 naming and shaming is against the rules. At least blur out the name or something.

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I think only name of alliance is showing up

Not sure if that counts. Pretty sure the last thread got shut down even though only the alliance and team were shown.

Well that hole just got dug deeper


This account not being at least suspended yet beggars belief.


Sooo… no one’s going to talk about the unlocked Gorgotrebax?