Ceramagnus VS Monolorhino (Who Is The Best Swap In Damage?)

Swap in stunning strike. Arguably the best swap in since swap in rampage or shattering rampage. Now there are two viable endgamers with this powerful swap in, both powerful in their own ways or rights.

+Higher Damage
+Higher Crit
+Turn 1 Damage
-Less Resistances
-No Stalling Ability Besides Acute Stun
-Lesser Chance Of Living To Swap In Another Day

+Distracting & Shielding
+More Resistances
-More Chance Of Survival
-Less Crit Chance
-No Turn 1 Output
-Lower Damage

There are probably more ways these two are vaguely different and can outdo the other, but who’s superior?

  • Ceramagnus
  • Monolorhino

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Not even a competition. If gold attack at level 30 that’s 2734 swap in stun damage then priority 2734 for magnus. Plus a rampage/acute stun to delay.

I’ll stick with Vlad, my Monostego :ok_hand:t2: