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Ceramagnus: what are we gonna do?

I’ve been trying to figure out a strategy for my raid group but so far we’re at a raid block. So I wanted to ask the community to share their ideas/strategies I’d any to help other defeat this boss. Cause man this seems like it’s gonna be hard

So far we have come up with around three options

1: poki, toura, trysor, and either Thor or a maxima

2: two trysor, maxima, and toura

And just using 3 distractors and a healer with shields

What are the minions?

Here are the rest of the stats

This of course according to the game press datamine

What the heck? Koolasuchus has greater rending counter?


Yes (10000000)

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It also has more than 6k hp

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And 129 speed

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Now they’re just messing with us lol
The minions are actually the real boss


I mean look at luxs minions so :man_shrugging:

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Yeah lux is pretty easy, the minions are the real problem

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By the look of those moves we’re gonna need almost all dinos to be resistant to stun

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The problem here is again without Thor their really isn’t a way to both get rid of the minions and do serious damage

Ya and their is kooks to worry about as it can nullify and distract as well as miragina having group decel strike

How would the mortem strategy of Maxima, tuora, tryo and Tenrex fair against It? With the ready to crush at least on the first turn the group distraction won’t be a problem

The problem is the boss also has group acceleration

And also has random rampage and one point to rampages