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Ceramagnus: what are we gonna do?

we just tried 2 more times. nope. would not open with Group distraction. is it doing the thing like int he campaign? where it changes up what it uses depending on what the opponent’s team comp is.

that’s something I’m also asking myself for awhile

That possible, I recently made a strat so if it changes I’ll try to record minion behavior

we tried a different strat an koola used group distraction turn 1 every time

What creatures exactly? The Indo2 one it should always open GD except R3

This is the one we used to beat it today. tho with much higher stats. (lv 20 baja, 25 dio, 27 max attack gem, 23 irri)

This is the one we normally use. (much bigger tuora 5400 hP 1874 attack)

I think that because of the Baja and Low-ish Irri I think that it’s possible Koola could be prompted to attack

it used group distraction with that strat. it was attacking in the one with inostherium.

It might be the Gem then, that high attack is pretty abnormal

can’t be. it was the same gem in both strats. and before Ludia’s accidental leak, the inos, tuora, sucho and gem strat worked fine.

Odd then, I’ll try to monitor what I see. I’ll keep you guys posted


thats one but best to replace max with gemi if you ahve a good dior(dark helmut) and a reasonable gemi you can carry the other 2
there are others like dual gemini tyrstonix touro but touro and tryst need to be able to take hits
i also did it with try dior tryst and touro but not easy
good luck it can be a fun day :slight_smile:

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