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Ceramagnus: what are we gonna do?

I mean there really isn’t much you can do with the ones we got; there not enough days for another boss since now every day besides Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have all rarities

Epic, legendary, unique, apex.

And people already have enough trouble keeping up, and adding more just make things more cluttered and like I said they have all 4 covered and even if they added more. What else could they really do? A pterosaur maybe but like if it’s another resilient it just hammer in how it already dominates and cunning or fierce would make sense plus mortem and bex have everything covered

And if they were to say a take out an apex and replace with another that just be unfair to this who just started or Never got a chance to try and defeat it. Then we would have to wait till the next cycle then this people will have to wait

at some point they will have to tho. if they don’t want to add apexes to the other 3 days of the week, or if they did and those fill up, an older apex will have to come out for a new one. it’s not going to be fair, but they can alleviate that by rotating all the apexes they release every so often. if we get 8, then they can do a 1 month of ABCD then 1 month of EFGH and repeat. whatever they decide to do with that, someone isn’t going to think it’s fair.

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I see your point, but I’ll say this… you don’t have to do all raids. If you don’t want to do the lower level ones such as epics or legendaries, then you don’t have to. But they can add more to give more options. But they shouldn’t stop just because some people feel they have to do every raid and fell overwhelmed by it. I certainly would take on more apex raids if they created them, but you don’t have to if you feel that you hit your own quota.

True but for the apex’s especially it takes a lot of commitment, having to level the exact creatures you need and then boosts and do a certain strategy once every day of every week. Now multiply that by 8 like @Qiew suggested. Then add to that you have to also upgrade and run and boost your team. And what if your alliance also makes you join I. At raid you also have to invest in lower level raid creatures. The you have to change that every month as the apex’s change. Plus even if we have a change once a month that not nearly enough time to get a good amount at worst you get 3 15 pops or at best 3 30 pops and then you also have to account for Ludia nerfing and buffing, new creatures meta changes and such. It’s just to much we’re barely keeping up with 4 and just making each a class just makes more simple for us and for them. Cause then we would also have to do double classes. But then if we get like 8 then uniques will be kinda pointless since everyone in endgame will run the better apex’s. I feel like the apex should be the spices added to ones meal or team so to speak. They enhance and diversify the meal. That way if you want something good against cunning’s your not stuck with just legendary and uniques.

Although coming back to this I did wanna show what I would propose if each were like that

Some notes:

For gorgo I really didn’t have much to change it really has everything a cunning should have; what really holds it back that it’s slow and has to much health cause of that. Lowering it up for speed and more attack makes it a good if not the king of cunning creatures. Ludia did good when designing its kit, only think I added was more cunning resistances and swap in distraction

For magnus I just made what it really should have been, a wild card. It has everything but it’s not good against everything for that reason I decided to keep the 1,500 attack but to not make a woolly rhino situation I made swap in strike to swap in head butt. To make it more balanced but still good in swap matchups; it’s resistances also reflect its class as it can handle mostly everything but also not that well. So it’s basically neutral in a sense

For lux like gorgo not much need to be cahnged but it’s main problem was just that fired creatures couldn’t beat it this fixes that

For mortem: it’s not just much better at beating most resilient creatures and is very for raid too. Not much but a buff none the less also thank @DreX for not letting make it too op and instead go for this

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That mortem is completely broken tho. That’s 4500 damage on turn 1 and 6000 on turn 2 (5625+7500 if it crits)

Ya but most cunning’s should’ve beat it, although Rending attack also would work but the speed is just cause of the towers

Yes, but it shouldn’t just one-shot anything else that isn’t a cunning. Resilients should lose against it, not get 3-0d without even having a chance to attack

lol true honestly mortem is the hardest to balance cause it has to counter resilient creatures especially high hip creature but it really can’t cause it just not faster enough.

Honestly it could lower likely be like this


Group shattering impact

Fierce rampage

Rending attack: 40%

I just realized want it to counter the towers so I suppose that works

Yeah that’s better. Can even give it rending takedown imo. As long as it’s faster than the towers it will beat them, it doesn’t need ferocity since it already has 2k base damage

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Lol true I’m trying to give cunning’s a chance :joy: and me and my big brain be like ah yes ferocious impact


@ElEduardo any thought on the changes proposed by @Thylo_75 cause I feel they are very sound and could work but I’m not 100% sure

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Wdym? I think they are fine but is there any objections.

Try these raid guides on how to defeat * Ceramagnus raid boss, they work very well for us each and every time.

Mortem just got worse. It’s already doing 3k turn 1, so rending attack is pointless. It’s at MOST gonna do 3k against diplodocus. And because it’s good to boost attack, it’s even worse. Impact allows it to do well with cunnings like spyx and mags

Well ya buts not supposed to be good against them we already have so many against them do we a 2000 attack fierce creatures just one shotting them

Plus I gave it 4.8k hp and 110 speed it make finally a counter against them towers, mammolania, tryko, tenato, Dioraj, and mammolania, it just makes sense for cunning to counter it. Plus it beats current lux and magnus as well as the reworked versions. It beat basically very fierce and resilient creature in the game so you know it kinda has to be bad against cunning since distraction and dodge are kinda the only ways to beat it

Edit: actually only indom can beat it but it has to dodge twice with cloak and with indom gen2

well, my raid group just tried magnus with a tried and true strat. not sure if just bad RNG, but in 10 attempts, we could not get the koola to open with group distraction. We’re wondering if koola still can open with group distraction or not. and if the magnus raid was changed again.

Mine just started with it so it’s still possible

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