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Ceramangus Counters

With Magnus about to appear in the gyro/shores arenas over next few weeks, what do you think some good counters will be? Cera should excel against speedsters and non-immune creatures, but seems like Tryko/Dio/Gem/Max would be main counters. Quetz might be another depending on how played (I.e. if acute stun doesn’t count against shield attack).

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So far your best beats are lux, monolorhino, grypo, Mammolania, Testacornibus smilonemys. That’s really about it. I mean it is the second best 1v1 in the game. The Problem for many is that for one it has 2 forms of speed control (GA and RS) along with it 4,500 bulk, 30% and 1,500 attack its a real force to be reckoned with. Now in all these counter you notice there is a pattern.

  1. Many have either high hp or high armor or both along with shields. And since magnus doesnt have any armor piercing moves so it stopped instantly by any one or a combination of these defenses. On nemys and rhino they actually have 3 way to reduce magnus’ damage. Distraction, shields, and armor allow these two to always keep magnus under raps. Mammo and testa don’t really do that but instead use there armor, damage output and regeneration to make sure they can tak the hit and out survive it. Grypo uses both its attack buff, regen, shields, counter and no escape making sure magnus will get hurt

  2. They are either immune or resistant to stun: the biggest thing that cause many not to be able to counter magnus is that acute stun. It allows it to set up or deny the opponents a turn to either set up or just hurt it. With it it really only can just speed up slow or just do a rampage.

  3. lots of health and or regenative abilities; many are just able to take the hit and if there close to losing just regen, thats mostly how lux wins.

Now there are other but they require mind game and rng to properly counter. Some like Gemini, maxima, tryko and magna, even dioraj takes some rng as it can take lots of damage or be set up on if it keep get stunned but it can still give magnus a hard time. But thats just from what i can see others like @ElEduardo or @Piere87 are probably better at giving battle sims and 1v1s outcomes than me


Another good counter for it is majungaboa, but you need to see it coming for it to work and have to swap out first. Dio also usually kills it and tryko is a 50/50. Boosts do mess stuff up

As well as swap ins and crits

It wins 95% if majungaboa swaps in before magnus

Huh interesting is it cause of on escape dust cloud?

Yes, and because boa is slower, ceramagnus has to go acute stun as the shield is still active, so boa can go ferocious strike dealing 1400, racking up 2900 total


So basically, level up majundaboa huh?

No its just one option a very situational one; better to focus on endgame counters

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Yeah I don’t think I’m gonna do that lol, have you seen the later posts of achievements you are proud of?

Alliance member fought one today and took Cera down with Gem…

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and another

and part three