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Ceratopsian Buff Plz

Ever since update 2.0, I don’t really have much to complain about. I’ve liked a lot of the changes implemented into the game. However I think that one group of creatures stands out as not all too great, and that’s ceratopsians.
Their only good use is in tournaments, and honestly that is not enough use for me.
Here are 3 things that contributed to the downfall of ceratopsians:

  1. Resistances: I am a huge fan of resistances, but most ceratopsians perform very poorly against anything that has a stun resistance. They also have no resistances themselves, and ever since they got stat nerfs, it is very hard to use them outside of the swap-in use.
  2. Raids: Ceratopsians, besides Ceramagnus, are virtually useless in raids. Every raid boss has a high stun resistance, and since stuns are already RNG-based, it means using a stunner in a raid is a bad idea. Their poor stats and the lack of swapping in raids means they are completely useless for those.
  3. Woolly Rhino & Monolorhino: These 2, while being 2 very useful creatures, completely overshadow the ceratopsians. And we have seen that- woolly rhino has taken over the niche in the epic tournaments, Monolorhino has taken over the niche in the arena. Far superior stats and resistances are what has caused this.

How can these issues be fixed?
I think there are 2 possible solutions.

  1. Buff their abilities- We could buff stuns by either: increasing their likeliness to stun, or removing some stun resistances. We could also give ceratopsians a valuable resistance that helps them out. The swap prevention resistance would be a good start.
    The other option is to:
  2. Buff their stats- the moves are arguably fine as they are, but like I said, the pair of rhinos completely overshadows the ceratopsians in the tournaments and the arena. We could bring the ceratopsians stats closer to the rhinos, whether that is hp or damage.
    If you are still reading, thanks for sitting through this :slight_smile:

I want this and a ceratopsian update with more ceratopsians added


I would love for the Ceratopsidae have AoE skills. Similar to the Stego family, where everyone has AoE skills.

Although Bosses have high stun resistance, these skills could paralyze minions and help the rest of the team.

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Yes! I really want Pachyrhinosaurus, agujaceratops, Diabloceratops. We really only have 4 species right? And ceratopsians are one of the most diverse groups of dinosaurs ever.

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Here’s what the stats/moves of my dream average ceratopsian build:

This would switch its play style from sustainable swap in Dino to Offensive brute force swap in creature. This would work nicely because it can now destroy its victims fast and furiously.

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