Ceratosaurus Creature Proposal + New Carno Hybrid


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The damage is a bit too high (This goes for all of them). I think 1300 would be better. The speed, while good, with Speed Decrease immunity is too much, so maybe 118? Also, with the Distaction Resistance+ PFS, the rampage is a monster that really should be blocked by dodge, so Defense Shattering should make it easier to counter. Also, maybe Distracting impact to distraction, and Swap in Cunning Strike instead?


Damage to 1400, and the health is a tad bit too low. Maybe 4000 or 4100? Also, again the speed and its immunity, maybe 120? The crit chance should be higher, as it’s a 5% and a 20%, so maybe 10%? The move set is kinda nuts and hard to fight. First, No escape should be removed. It comes from never, and really wouldn’t make it much better anyways. It mainly helps with Bleed/Stun, which the creature has neither of. Next is the Counter. Just nerfing it to Rending Counter should suffice. The rampage is in the same situation, and again should change to Defense Shattering Rampage. The Cleansing Impact can change to Distracting Impact if you want it to be a bit more Cunning, and Persistent Ferocious Strike can and likely should be changed, maybe Group Superiority if you want some resilient in the creature.


The health is low, especially coming from Acro. Maybe 4500? And the damage to 1500, 1800 is a bit high. With the Crit, again it should be increased, maybe to 20%? Speed should be buffed a bit, maybe to 114-116? With the move set, I would change Persistant Ferocious Strike to Group Taunting Shields, and add in a counter, either Armor Piercing or Defense Shattering.

These are just my thoughts, you don’t need to change the creature if you dont want to

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diablocarnus and ceratocarnus seems a bit like Edmontoguanodon, as in 2 species (or 3) that look similar, hybridized

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Thanks for the helpful feedback, here are some reworks based on your suggestions!


How did Diablocarnus was a child of Alankylosaurus? Accient? Nvm. I think Ceratosaurus should be a kind of “for Group battle”! Could it have some “Group” moves? Wait me a min…

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I might be wrong but that looks to be the first hybrid+hybrid

This is JWA’s Carnotaurus:

This is Ceratosaurus (InGen’s variation from Evolution):

And here is JWA’s version of Acrocanthosaurus:

So, no. This would not be like Edmontoguanodon.