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Ceratosaurus is all ready in the game

Proceratosaurus is, well ceratosaurus but the “pro” version. This makes me think that ceratosaurus will not be added to the game even though they are very disimilar.

Proceratosaurus is in fact an early tyrannosaur, it’s not related to Ceratosaurus at all. So maybe we will get Cerato in the future after the wave of permians.


True just it seems like that is why it hase yet to come to the game.

But…with that logic

We wouldn’t have multiple -ceratops such as Sinoceratops or Nasutoceratops. There would be only 1 -ceratops like Triceratops

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Procerato isn’t related nor similar to Cerato.

What he means is that it’s a different dino, and the one that holds that name is an actual Ceratoraurus:

Though proceratosaurus and procerathomimus aren’t really the same name :slight_smile: