Ceratosaurus Tournament - 4/10/2020 - 4/14/2020

A place to track the upcoming Ceratosaurus tournament. If you don’t have it yet, this is a pretty good unlock since it’s involved the big flashy hybrid, Cerazinosaurus.
Good luck to all

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It is 100 hrs (4 days 4 hrs) tournament…
Any special reason for the extension?

Morning run and I got an Aquatic pack and lots of DNA from spins…

@Kiarash_Bahar I haven’t had to use my Cerazinosaurus in the tournament yet.

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Hi Gunnzz,
Short answer it’s Easter weekend, and we wanted people to be able to play whether they have the Friday off, the Monday off or both :slight_smile:


@Keith All is well either way. I’ve already unlocked it, but any opportunity to get an extra copy is welcomed. It will help me get it back to lvl 40 after fusing it to make the Cerazinosaurus. Happy Easter!


Even I already have a Ceratosaurus unlocked, but every “free” pack is good and ofcourse this one for 2600 loyality points. Here is my first run


Like a lot of others i have this dino unlocked and i’m not crazy about it. I was considering not doing the tournament to just give me an easy weekend but i’m a sucker for the rewards.

Run straight to the top this morning no losses using all my decent dino’s 456 has me 1st in dom.

Hopefully this tournament ends on the low side so i don’t have to put in much effort

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@Subxero11 I’m hoping to only put minimal effort toward this also. I just have a small goal of getting it back to lvl 40, mainly for my nephew.

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I didn’t notice the longer tournament duration until I read it here.

I started fighting against bottom dom/top pred league once I reached mid-Hunter this tournament. Lost my first battle too, I could usually use low level commons on my first battle, but I got crushed lol.

Have a Good Friday, everyone!


Can someone who normally just squeaks into DOM post their line up?

I can squeak into DOM Friday nights, but never again. I want to know if it is just the low point spread Friday, or if I am close.

Friday is the only day I can get in dominator. Last week I managed to get in dom on saturday morning also but after a few hours I was back in Predator.
But I am talking about really low dominator. Never got pass the 90th ranked in dom

Some stats btw


This is my lineup, it allows me to stay in dominator in the last 4 tournaments, but in the lower part, between 90 and 100. It’s not the best and compared to the other members of the forum I’m more than in diapers. Hehe

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Thanks for the reply! You’re top guys are around 4K ferocity. My top is 2K. I’m a ways out. Thanks.

I guess I need to consolidate. I’m playing too conservatively.

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Sure @Timmah

You and I are probably close in level and playing time. I have been using only Lv10 VIPs to get into Dom league since my 3rd week of playing. I have some Lv20 Tournament dinos and 2 Lv30 T-Rex too.

When I started, I was using Lv40 common Hybrids and 3-4 Lv10 VIPs to keep bottom of Dom league. Now, I can easily make it to mid of Dom League safely.

I have about 4-6 of most of the normal VIP dinos too.

My top ones are about 2500 Ferocity.

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I only have 9 VIPs vs 13.

I guess this is the difference of being a VIP subscriber from the beginning vs a few weeks!

At 2500, how do you win any matches in DOM? Once I get to the top of Pred, the average is 4K against me, and I just don’t have a chance.

Do you just keep “knocking on the door” until you get better matches?


I too recognized now, this tournament is one day longer. I hope 1600-2000 points is enough for win in dominator.

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This is our sixth normal (no Rules or Mods) 4 day, 4 hour Jurassic tournament. The creatures and their minimum trophies for a Dominator League finish are listed below

Metriaphodon - 1785
Archelon - 1762
Nodosaurus - 1580
Umoonasaurus - 1662
Yutyrannus - 1720

There have been three other tournaments of this length, but they all required Mods (Mastodon, 1109) or had Rules (Erlikosaurus, 1662, and Secondontosaurus, 1385)


I have the same problem. When I get to dominator, 99,99% of my battles are lost. I just have to be lucky with the opponents dinos if I want to have a chance.

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I get outmatched too @Timmah but I usually win with my 2nd and 3rd. On the rare occasion my 3rd can take out all 3.

I used to “fight as many battles as possible” to get as many points I could get, so I used all of dinos until they are on cooldown. Now, I don’t need to - I fight 5-6 battles every 2-3 hours.

I use first: High HP Herbivore (Apato or Einosaurus), second: High ATK/HP Amphibian (Mastodonsaurus), third: glass cannon carnivore (Concavenator or Proceratosaurus)

My herbivore has to reserve 3-4 points for my second dino. If the opponent has a 2K+ ATK carnivore, my 2nd dino then tries to get 7/4 actions. If all this fails then I will lose for sure. If not, my 2nd can usually take out 1-2 and my last dino can win.

My lineup gives me at least 60% win rate in dom league. Sometimes I will win 5 in a row or lose just as much depending on match up.

Edit: Before I had a good number of dinos that I could pick to use. I just grouped these types of dinos together and hoped for the best.

  1. Carnivore - Pterosaur - Carnivore
  2. Herbivore - Amphibian - Herbivore

I used to have more Carnivore and Herbivore than Pterosaur or Amphibians. But, if you have more of something you could change it up: Ptero - Carni - Ptero, Amphi - Herbi - Amphi

Hope it helps, if you have more questions let me know. I’ll try to help as possible. The first time I finished bottom of Dom, I think I had 6-7 VIP dinos only. I just mixed my Lv40 Common Hybrids with 1 Lv10 VIP and hoped for the best

Also, do you know about the 1 Reserve 3 Block trick? That helps me out too, especially when you get a cycle going. But, AI might break that cycle randomly sometimes.