Ceratosaurus Tournament - 4/10/2020 - 4/14/2020

@Nestea this is exacly what I do. I normally use yhe strongest dino in 2nd slot and then the 1st slot and 3rd slot are strong dinos of same class but different from the 2nd dino class! If I get countered, well, its gg but if I counter the enemy team, if I play well, then it might be as win even if they have 4k feoricty

@Andy_wan_kenobi so with the amount of trophies needed, this is definetely onemof those tournaments in which you have to play hard. I guess I will not waste bucks just to get to 900 or 1000 trophies and still be in predator

You can unlock this dino at Lv75 I believe @Bruno_Pereira, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, but try if you have time - you might land on the pack in the wheel.


I wonder what are the odds for landing on the pack ahaha
It will be hard to play alot of tiurnament battles because there are so many PvE events at the same time and my team is not that big to distribute them between events.
Thank you for telling me when it will be unlocked. :smiley:

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Thank you @Andy_wan_kenobi! Always appreciate the older stats being in so that we have an idea of what we’re aiming for!


I was able to finish in dominator after I created creatures a bit stronger then the lvl 40 legendaries. So pack a bunch of lvl 40 legendaries, and on top of that some hybrids (or vip) that have a slight higher ferocity… when you reach that point, it’s quantity over quality. Good luck!


Arrgh, once again the lower leagues are the worst part of the tournament for me. Not sure I even bother to try and get decent trophies when I keep getting these ridiculously hard matches. The first was my first attempt at Hatchling… completely overmatched even though I used what normally would be overkill for that level. Returned with a similar lineup and then got the usual lvl 10 and below commons. Next one was the match after that in Survivor league. Again completely ridiculously high level opponents from the AI.

Anyone else seem to be running into this more than they used to?? I have started to just really dread getting through these levels as regularly as it happens. I keep increasing the AFS of what I use and yet still keep getting losses…and increasingly poor trophies when I do win. It’s SO frustrating!!

Even though many of us older players have seen multiple opportunities to unlock Ceratosaurus, it is a Jurassic carnivore that forms a hybrid. I think the Yutyrannus tournament will be a good model for predicting this tournament’s behavior.

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I haven’t started the tournament, yet, but I’ve definitely been in those same shoes

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Yutyrannus was my first tournament I won in Dominator. But I don’t remember the score.

1720 trophies

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My first day. So far it is a usual tournament for me.

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1R, 3B trick? I read the old (expired/bug fixed) thread about doing that to bosses. Care to further explain?

My VIPs are currently at lev4 to to group them with my top other dinos.

My main problem is I’m pretty late to making hybrids. (0 super hybrids so far.)

Before VIP, I barely had enough DNA to support regular dinos and for the DNA cost, I have better choices over hybrids (now that is a different story). Also, with my unlocks for common/rare, I’m still missing many combos. I think I have all of the hybrids so far that I can unlock other than the I-Rex as I read a rumor about that being a mission, so I’ve held off on it until the mission comes up. I’d also have to give up my two lev30 t-rexs. They are the top of my line up at the moment.

It might be time to spend a lot of food and get every to lev40 t-rex stats. My problem is my evolution chamber is so backed up this past week. I hatched lots of hybrids this week. Only to realize I did all herbivores to maximize the DNA discounts and should have done the Diplotator, my only amphibian hybrid as I’m really weak on amphibians right now.

When is the next 4 slot Evolution chamber event coming up?

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So, then 1720 enough for Cerato?

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My guess. @Sionsith usually pulls data from the tournament to make what is usually a very accurate prediction. In the absence of his numbers, I’ll be aiming somewhere north of 1800 trophies.

Like the stock market guys like to say, past performance does not guarantee future results.

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I still can do it. But not always! I dont know why but sometimes they do that for 2 or 3 turns and then completely change the strat. Other times, I can do that like 20 times and kill all dinos.
I just did that in this fight.
Enemy ferocity much bigger then mine btw.

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That worked on your last dino? The trick was with your 2nd.

Whaaat!!! I can never do that with the 2nd I think. I might try it later on but i always do it with the last one. But not always works. The battle after this one, the trick didnt work. My last dino had 20hp left and after three turns of using only 3 block and 1 reserve, the AI decided to go full reserve and kill me

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The next evolution chamber event? I’m not sure, but I don’t think you need 4 slots? I only use 1 evolution chamber at a time since I started and the highest I’ve done was an 8 Hour evolution

I don’t have any S-Hybrids either @Timmah, I might be able to make the monostego but I don’t want to ruin my lineup. Just focus on stuff that’s around 2500 ferocity and build up from there. @Mary_Jo has a google document showing all the dino ferocity at every 10th level, it helped me a lot!

Just level up all of your VIPs to Lv10, the extra levels can gain you a bit more HP or ATK, which can be a game changer from your Lv4 ones right now. The extra little bit of ferocity won’t matter too much. When I only had 3-4 VIP dinos, I maxed them to Lv10 right away without thinking and it hasn’t hindered my game play since I started.

About the 1R 3B trick - for me this works when I am down to my last Dino. My 2nd last dino just died taking out their first dino and the AI has 2 dinos left. The 2nd AI dino (middle dino) is the strongest, I can’t kill him and survive to kill the last dino. So I have to use the trick, the AI must have used all of their action points during their last round though, before your last dino came into play.

I would use 4B first to feel out this 2nd dino. If he does 4A, I would probably have to do 4B again until I see him do 3A. Then I would use 1R 3B, hopefully the AI continues with 3A and 1B. Anything else and you lose, if AI doesn’t lead off with 3-4A, then you lose too, because they probably did 2R 2B.

I build this up to 8 action points then do 4B and 4A and trying to build up again to kill this 2nd dino. If you know that can kill this dino after building up 8, you can plan 3B, 4-5A (remember AI has 1B) or 1R for the fight against the last dino. The last dino will either continue 3A 1B or hit you with 4A.

Sometimes this sequence is broken when I get to 7 action points built up, or 6 and notice AI didn’t attack last round. You could try to do 5-6 blocks and restart the cycle.

This works best for me when my dinos can take at least 1 hit without dying. If I am up against something that kills my dino in 1 hit, I am just praying to get lucky.

Hope this is clear, or if someone else might be able to explain it better? I will try to add pictures later when I do a battle like this.

Edit: Like @Bruno_Pereira’s picture


That would super clear. Thanks for the advise!

I agree with everything that you wrote.
As soon as I got my 1st VIP dino, I maxed him to lvl 10. I never felt any difficulties because of having him at lvl 10.
I dont do that with the cenozoic creatures as I dont have many super rare at a good lvl but I lvl up all VIP aquatics to lvl 10 as soon as I get them

Maybe this is the reason why it doesnt work always for me. I never check if he used all. But as you said after, I go 4 block until I see him using 3 attack. It is not the first time he does 4 attack two or three rounds before doing the 3attack 1 block.
The biggest tip is never go 5 attack after you build up the 4 reserve points. I think you understand why but to explain it really fast:

  • Your dino can be killed with 1 attack point
  • If you have 8 points and use 5 to attack, you will be left with 3block to defend for the last dino.
  • The last enemy dino will have 4 points to use and he will use 4 to kill you if you go 5 attack and 3 block to kill the dino before that one.

I done this mistakes like 2 or 3 times before “mastering” this techinique. Sometimes I even have to do 3 times the reserve build up. Two times for the 2nd enemy dino and one last time for the 3rd and final enemy dino.
Its just a matter of luck. If he allows you to build up 4 reserves, I think he will do that forever unless you attack with 5 points and only block with 3.