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Ceratosaurus Tourney Tracker


Let’s use this thread to discuss and (if desired) track the rare-only Ceratosaurus tourney that will be starting shortly.

Good luck to all!

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May the force be with you.

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Simply just hate the new system


Easier than i though it would be so far.


Wait until the end hour of tournament


Used up all my top dinos and here I am. Could buy and hatch more hybrids, but for now, I’ll stick with what I have.


For me the same as for @DinoStan. The strength of opponents seems for me very unpredictable.


One hybrid 40 with two relative wimps might get the win now, but depends on both skill and luck.
I start with my strongest, hope to knock out opponent’s first, then adjust as necessary. I lost I think twice earlier coz I underestimated opponent strength.

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That’s the best I could achieve with my first wave. Now I have go wait for cool down.


You’re in way better shape than me. Already down to 89, and doubt I can hang on too long. Only my top dinos will work now, and they’re resting. All depends on how Ludia stuffs the ballots this time. If they want to, they could stuff all of us back down to hatchling league.


First run through. Regular dinos got me into Dominator (barely), but only hybrids got wins there, but they didn’t generate many trophies. That means I’ve got 2-4 groups that I can reasonably expect to get wins with.


Personally not a fan of this format, since we usually get matched up with bots I am already going against all level 40 hybrids


I had pretty easy matches till I reached Predator, then my matches got totally wild. I’m facing anything from level 40 Tapejalosaurus to level 20 Gallimimus. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

I’m always taking my best dinos in, since I have to plan for the worst, so I’m not fighting much, since their cooldown is so long.

I’m at about 80 in predator with about 150 trophies. Interestingly, I was getting 27 trophies per win until I broke into Predator. Then it was only 20 trophies each.


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2 trophies? Wow! Talk about over powered

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Touché. Corrected to 20 trophies.

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Yeah, same here. You have to use hybrids to win, but the game views them as too easy

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First run through…

I have a decent group of rare creatures there just aren’t that many hybrids in the mix, I am glad I took advantage of the discount two days ago to add to the hybrid count. The matchups are a bit all over the place, I was having success with 1-2 level 20 hybrids with a level 30-40 standard rare. We will see how I look a few hours from now. For those that are posting their stats, I will be tabulating on my side from ranking and how it changes over time during the weekend. So no need for multiple screen shots of first, yours, and last rank in dominator. For the end of the tournament it is helpful to get a rough average of the category. I will be posting a handful of posts this weekend with data I have been gathering this week and information from the tournament last weekend.

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After the second run through. I had dropped down to 3 in Predator for what it’s worth.


That’s the result of my second run.


@Tommi, Das ist sehr gut!

I am enjoying this tournament quite a bit. Did not have much of a chance yesterday to battle. This morning’s run through…

One of my general game strategies has been to abandon buildings in favor of more dinos and filling paddox for much more massive coin generation. While I’m light on hybrids in general, the massive bank of level 40 rare’s I have makes this fun.

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