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Ceratosaurus Tourney vs previous Tourneys


I’ve been playing the game a few weeks now but I’m a little salty about the tournament awards.

The first tournament I saw was a few weeks ago for the legendary snake while the reward for being in the top 5% was TWO normal legendaries. My dinosaurs weren’t strong enough so I wasn’t able to get to either of those brackets but I knew next tourney I wanted to go for dominator (top 1%).

Fast forward a week later and the supersaurus tournament began. This time I was able to reach dominator league and finish 1st overall in it. Of course this tournament the rewards were a complete joke. Not only did I get 0 legendaries for finishing 1st overall in the dominator league (while last week being merely top 5% was TWO legendaries) the top reward was this mediocre supersaurus? Not exactly a top reward I already had 3 of them sitting in my market they were so easy to win.

Fast forward to this week and ceratosaurus tournament and surprise surprise! The top reward is a cool legendary and the top 5% reward is TWO legendaries!

Why waste everyone’s time with some tournament with mediocre rewards that are near useless? If I have THREE of the dinosaur you are giving as the TOP reward after I’ve only played a couple weeks then something is very wrong.

/End rant


Welcome to the forums @Anarke, You have started playing during a good time to experience the many different Tournament setups.

The first tournament for the Gigantophis was a standard tournament setup where everyone in the game plays against each other no matter your level, these tournaments have for the top reward a Tournament creature unlock and is only available to the top 1% of finishers, remember some folks have been playing this game for years.

The second tournament where you finished in Dominator was a bracketed tournament, meaning you were only matched up into three different groups of players based on the level of your account. The top level which was level 50 - 75 played for a tournament creature, your group played for the Superasaurus. These rewards are ranked based on your level within the game.

The current tournament setup is new to all of as this is the first one where they have instituted rules, for this tournament that means only using rares. This is great for bring back underutilized classes of creatures that once you get to a certain level generally only become coin farms. But again you are grouped with everyone, so my 100+ rare dinosaurs are probably going to be to much for you to keep up with. However other level 75 players might only have 20-30 rare creatures, it just depends on how they have played the game.

Remember you have only been playing the game for a few weeks, most folks that have been playing for awhile didn’t get a Tournament level Dominator reward until after 3-6 months of playing, put the time in and build a strong base of creatures and eventually you will start getting into those higher levels. The forums are rich with information to help you along your journey, soak it in.


Thanks glad to be here! There are a few things here and there that could be tweaked but overall it seems to be a pretty well built game so far.

I see I didn’t realize they were technically different tournaments that makes sense why the rewards would be so vastly different. I remember seeing the bracket notification which made sense to me but all three of those tournaments looked identical to me in the events menu. Is there a way to differentiate the bracketed and non-bracketed tournament?

This new tournament is definitely a fight every battle I’m in the other team is much stronger. I’m stealing a few wins here and there and have managed to keep myself in the predator league so far, those two legendaries sure would be nice.


For all the tournaments the game will match you up with what is approximating the rest of players at that level. If you bring a team that is weaker than the average of other players at that rank the game will punish you with an extremely tough match up to show you that you need to bring a stronger team. Sometimes just bringing in a slightly stronger team, but appropriate to the rank will bring down the toughness of the opposing team. Just need to play with your combinations until you find what works.