Certain battle animations unbearably slow after update?

I’m a using a Huawei P9 Lite.

After updating, most of the game seems perfectly fine. But when I entered a battle, certain animations played out incredibly slowly whilst others retained the correct speed.

Namely, Dracoceratops’ swap-in. It was about half the speed, and my Indoraptor took a couple of seconds after being hit to show his hit animation and the amount of damage that was caused. My opponent used it again later in the battle and again it was very slow. Another animation that played out very slowly was Cautious Strike.

The timer has no lag and doesn’t take into account the extra delay, making it seem like it was done on purpose?


yeah , it’s the same for me playing on honor 6X . slower animation for darting battling and fusing. For all, i think.

Anyone has lower animations and fps? Playing on android Honor 6X.

Noticed how even Dracocera takes a while to deliver a hit when opponent swaps it in on me. Also, I’m on Huawei P20 lite.

Glad it’s not just me. But it’s a real nuisance…

Noticed the same with the rat.