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Certain dragons yet again

I want to talk about the dragons that have the ability to not allow your whole team to be healed. Get that out of the arena. It should only work in story mode, quests, and alpha battles. Those types of abilities make it nigh impossible to progress in the arena. That and the ridiculous amount of high BP defense teams that I have to waste re-rolls on and it’s getting ridiculously annoying. Even though I am at 4128 BP, I am finding teams that are in the 5000+ range. Please fix this problem.

Your local bug examiner

You don’t really need healing to progress in the arena. You could just use dragons that shield or give the Defense Up Buff.

Also another option is to use dragon that can cleanse (that way you can get rid of these anti-heal debuffs before you try to heal your team.

Edit: And another point, both Murmur and Sawmaw heal themselves when using their ability, so do you really want to get rid of the only debuff that can prevent them from doing so?

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I see no problem with most of the healers, the only issue in the arena for me is Sawmaw.

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don’t waste your time with sawmaw they won’t balance it. The imbalance of that dragon has always existed and they have never wanted to review it.

People didn’t take it well the last time they buff and nerf dragons (I think it’s mainly about what they did to murklurker and cryptic collector, it didn’t affect me because I had neither at the time) so I guess that’s why they wouldn’t easily buff or nerf a dragon now. They had cared about it, but now they may be too careful to rebalance any existing dragons in the game.

You get matched with stronger ones because you’re more active than them. They don’t climb up so you get to catch up with them. If it only gives you enemies of your bp instead of ememies of your trophy rank, why bother to train dragons to max, or why should one place 6 strongest dragons in defense team.
Healing prevention doesn’t seem to be anything op. The only op dragon with this ability is murmurquill and it’s op mainly because it heals itself very fast and it has aoe attack, healing prevention is just a bonus.

The dragon I am referring to is skullcrown

When are these two dragons getting either banned or propper balanced in arena? As it is right now, arena is the most un-fun experience it has ever been. In the top 300 to 100 nearly every team has both and they frankly an oppressive plague. You have to either get lucky with your board to get rid of one before they charge or it’s over. The alternative is to breed and then upgrade a very specific team just to counter 2 dragons out of the entire roster. This is so far from propper balance it is not even funny anymore.

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