Chain Battling for Tournament Takedowns

So I chain battled with all 4 accounts simultaneously to get the 10 takedowns.
It’s pretty much just taking a glance, hitting a button or quickly selecting a new creatures. I don’t do any swapping unless it has a hit-n-run move.

I had 3 totally different teams. All named raptors + fast creatures. All noodles. All animals (deer, cats, rhino, turtles) and a mixed odd ball freaky team.

I just kept all 4 going none stop and completed all takedowns at the same time. This kind of shows balance within the rare and epic class over a string of battles. I lost more than I won as I wasn’t thinking about what moves to make. I just wanted to keep the matches going to get done as quick as I could. Hitting the battle buttons at the same time a couple times, I was able to play against myself so I at least get a win nd 3 takedowns in those cases.