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Challenge "any" player for trophies (no matchmaker)

I don’t have much hope Ludia reads something here, but i can dream. than…

Why we have to battle only through matchmaker?

how about add another option of battling…

I’d love to see a list of all online players, even separated by arenas or trophy range like rooms (to avoid performance issues or make players closer)…

and challenge them for trophies. the higher rank/arena player are than me, the higher trophies i get from that player if i win.

example: i am league arena 5100 trophies. then i challenge IDGT902. if i miraculously win (lol) i get many trophies from him. if i loose, IDGT902 wins my trophies too, but just a little.

i am aviary. then i enter some room/arena/list and check some players and theirs stats (team, trophies, boosts, etc.) and decide to challenge. then that player can accept or refuse (after check my info too. if that player is higher than me, and i win, i get his trophies, if he wins, gets my trophies (but less of course).

how about?

Ludia can’t even get switching weekly rewards to work right.

While an intriguing idea, I feel this is way beyond them.


Wouldn’t it just allow people to pile up trophies from alt accounts? Seems like people would abuse it.


That would be a good idea. What we would do is turn our teams on for challenging and when you go to the list of other willing players, it shows you in the list with those above and below you in trophy’s to pick a fight with. As far as seeing their teams… maybe, maybe not a good idea. They can set it so you can only challenge players so far in trophy’s below but any one in trophy’s above.

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should exist a way to avoid that abuse (battle with myself using 2 phones/accounts)?

maybe allowing only challenges between different places using gps localization? well… could be my friend helping me too i think. but less chances of happening maybe.


An alliance would use it to line up battles to get to the top of a tournament, like the rush event. If there is a way it can be exploited, it will be exploited… it’s a reality of any software and careful planning and all the scenarios have to be looked at and mitigated before something gets implemented, at least in a properly run software development operation.


Say it only lets you challenge the other willing challengers in the list that are either 5 above you or 5 below you. That way no one could set up an account to abuse this. Even IF you happened to have a 2nd account at the same trophy level so you could bump yourself up, your 2nd account would get bumped down away from being able to challenge yourself.

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Alliances could use there friends to go up and down and balance it out lol. It is an interesting idea but there’s many ways to exploit it instead of just an alt account

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Yeah it’s a great idea for honest players. Just a pity not all players are honest players.

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mmmm, so to make something like this, should review many aspects of the game…

how are battle systems of other turn-based ranking oriented games? all same blind matchmaker as jwa?

I’ll share your idea with our team, @AndreMR. :slight_smile:

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Whenever a player is online and available.Instead of pressing the battle button,he can enter the Challenger Mode.There he will be available to be seen by everyone in the game (like in the friend list) and be challenged.He can be challenged by level 1 players or by players at similar Trophy Count.If the player is ± 300 trophy count the earnings or losing trophies will be the same as usual.If the difference is bigger the losing party will not suffer trophy loss.

my suggestion weeks ago

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nice. if this happens someday i can finally fight top players.

@Idgt902 you can’t wait to face my team.
i claim your throne! :smiling_imp:


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