Challenge Concluded?

I Just Logged In To My Second Account in The Game And I Had A Surprise!
The Game Showed That I Had Completed the Challenge,Being That I Just Got Entered
And I Just Completed The Challenge of My Master Account

Hey Stygimoloch_29, try closing and relaunching the game and see if it’s still showing as completed.

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Okay,I’ll do it

Did Not Work :confused:

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t work. Could you please make sure that it is the same Strike that you had completed on your main account? If so, our support team would be happy to take a closer look at this to see why it might be showing up as completed if you reach out to them here at It would also be helpful if you included the name of the Strike tower along with the support key from the game account you’re having an issue with, in your email. Thanks!

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