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Challenge Die Idea

I think it would be cool if there was a special die, that you get from playing challenges. Each challenge would be worth more points than others, and when you get a certain amount of points, you can roll the die. The number of points needed to roll the die and the die rewards could be based on your renown level. I was thinking a 50 sided die (like the 100 sided die, but the first d10 be halved), where the rewards were really good. Lots of coins, gems, and equipment, and for high rolls, really good chests, and packs like epic and legendary packs, or even equipment packs. The rewards would be decided by your renown, so renown 7 and below wouldn’t be able to get legendaries and equipment packs from the die. If you decide to use this idea, feel free to change certain things, as what I said is just a suggestion. For other players, if you like the idea, spread it to others, or even create a slightly different version.

For those of you that do not know about the d100, it works like this:
Roll 2d10’s. The first one is the tens digit and the second is the ones digit. If you get 0 and 0, it is 100. A d50 is the same thing, but for the tens digit die, rolling a 9 or 8 is a four, a 7 or 6 is a three, a 5 or 4 is a two, a 3 or 2 is a one, and a 1 or 0 is a 0. That way it goes from one to fifty.

The End! applause hehe