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Challenge for the weekend: Catch the T-Rex! - Show a picture of your score with this new darting!

Hey Folks!

I would like to make a challenge for the weekend.

With the new darting we all know it’s a bit slow to catch faster dinos…

… So this weekend, lets see who can score the highest points on one T-Rex!

Please post a picture of your score!

And please, I ask to be honest and not cheat!




I’m in. 101010

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they are patching darting back to 1.6 so hopefully its before this starts :crossed_fingers:


Is this true? Source?

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Hadn’t seen that, or maybe I saw the title and thought it was the one from yesterday. Hopefully the ‘tweaks’ make it a lot more like it was, or as we all hope, just returns it to the old way.

Starting with this.
@ lvl 20.

  1. Attempt 167
  2. Attempt 109 DNA :joy:
  3. Attempt 187 !


Oh it’s awful!!

Usually I get 200+ Between 200 and 230 I think…

Today I have only done 1 so far. Got 120s, 130s maybe 5 times which I flicked off… then settled for a 159 score.


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Even with the 1.6/1.7 compromise which changed Yesterday it’s still not fast enough to swing back; you get a tail to head target and lose what could have been 2/3 darting attempts

My attempts should be coming soon.

I’m gonna get soooo little watch.

:point_up: This. 101010.

Original post got (rightfully) deleted. Used to getting ~200 on a Trex, was now getting 120ish. I came back and edited my post after posting an 89, including a colorful acronym.

Point was, this seems to be yet another way that Ludia is trying to slow down our progression in the game/push us towards stat boosts.

my final trex, was a good run considering the drone…

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Good job! :black_heart:

I will not beat that :slight_smile:

Level 20 but no VIP

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I was too busy all weekend to get and hunt, so I planned to do all my trex on my way to work this morning. I would have, except I couldn’t get supply drops to load faster than once every 5-10 minutes, and then it was just immediately around me and they would all disappear again if I darted something

The reduced DNA from darting can be made up from incubators. I was cooking this for a full 24 hours.

You can guess what the other 379 epic DNA was…