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Challenge: How far to get without Apex?

Dear community

No worries, this is not another “Magnus, Lux and Mortem are OP” thread. This is common sense and we all know that Apexes are meta defining and that you have to use them to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Therefore I also do not want to have any discussions on why or why not Apexes are OP or how to nerf them.

But I am sure that it still is possible to climb high up the leaderboard with creatures we all do love and have grinded for in the last 3 years.

Challenge: Think of the best possible team that does not have a single Apex in it. Please also take boost distribution into consideration.

Of course: If you already run such a team in end-game (High Gyro or Shores), please share it with us!


This is what I was thinking for my endgame

I could switch dracorat with something else but I’m not sure.

Just a side note this team is based on creatures I think are cool and possible to use endgame

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My own thoughts on it:

  • Grypo: Is a must-have as it is doing well against Magnus, Lux and Dio
  • MRhino: Another must-have. Not as good as Magnus, but still an important player in the swap-in meta
  • Smilo: Definitely helps to take advantage of other swap-in moves
  • Dio: With Gyro being part of every team, it feels like Dio is not that good anymore
  • Erliko: Really helps with Mortem and also does surprisingly well against Dio and MRhino

Personally I took advantage of the boost reshuffle to level up some Uniques to experiment a bit with them. What really works surprisingly well is Entelolania. Decent survivability with insane damage output.


This is the team I am testing at the moment. Changing boosts and creatures to see what works best.

Good enough for high Gyro / low Shores, but not good enough to climb any higher.