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Challenge Levels

I’ve completed all available levels from the previous update. I totally understand needing to wait for more but why are the challenge levels so hard with a 100-200 coin payout.

Especially when losing it once can take away all of your Tinkerbell points too.
I’d much rather have a 20-40 Gem payout so I can get some of the 50th-anniversary items than a pitiful amount of coins.

Hey there, Rachelguy72. Congratulations on reaching the Challenge Levels!

Challenge levels were designed to help players improve their strategy/learn to apply new tactics. They weren’t meant to award as many Stars as regular levels.

However, I can definitely forward your feedback regarding the reward amount to our team! :smiley:

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To counter that point, Players that are doing challenge levels aren’t really in need of practice. They have completed all of the available levels.
There isn’t anything in the challenge levels that will prepare you for the next update. (for example, New icons, The ribbons that were in 399, etc.)

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That’s a fair point, Rachelguy72. :slight_smile:

We hope that the Challenge Levels would be able to entertain until new Levels are added, as well as hoping it’d help players improve their game. :muscle:

As always, we appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for your candor Ned, Excited to see what’s to come.
I appreciate you sharing my feedback.

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